Leona the Beta Female

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"Erm, the reason?"

I nodded in exasperation, "Yes, the reason. Why did you betray your pack? What was the reason?"

She got up from her seat, avoiding eye contact with me, and stood by the window. "The reason is something I've never talked about since the day I was imprisoned."

"Well, I think it's finally time that you face your past because I need you."

She took a peek at my serious face, and visibly sighed. "You need me for what?"

"My parents died an unjustly death; my father stripped of his title and lost his pack due to admitting doing a crime he hadn't committed, and my mother was lured into the dungeon of her crazy ex." I started to say. "My pack members are stuck within a pack that truly isn't theirs, I want to lead them and care for them like my parents did."


Did I just say that?

The instinctual urge to protect my pack churned within me, stirring up Deja vu feelings from when I first met Ms Williams. She stood still watching me with a curious expression.

"Now that you know your true rank, you're starting to smell like an Alpha." She commented, eyeing me closely. "The shift in power has already started..."

I was about to ask her to elaborate further, but didn't want to stray away from the main and important topic.

"The wolf community and their leaders believe my father murdered his own pack members. You are the only person who can speak up against this 'fact', you are, to my knowledge, the last living witness who can testify against the claim." I continued, desperate to get through to her. "Maxwell and The Rogue Force were meticulous and careful in not leaving behind any evidence, but you can give any kind of affirmation to what happened years ago."

She shook her head at me and scoffed. "You think the leaders will believe a middle-aged women's testimony about an event that happened nineteen years ago?"

That had already crossed my mind; it wasn't likely that people were going to believe her story about an event that happened almost two decades ago. "Having a witness step forward will help re-open the case, and then more work and effort will be put into finding more evidence. The leaders will value your opinion and experience, don't worry."

She shifted in her spot and pulled a face. "Do you really need to start with me?"

I shrugged helplessly and pouted. "Well, you're the best lead I've got. I can't let you slip through my fingers."

"Why don't you start somewhere else?"

"Where do you suggest?" I asked, frowning a little.

"Meet The MoonKnight Pack members."

I opened my mouth in surprise and stared at her. "Y-you think that'll be alright? Won't they recognise me?"

She nodded with a slight grin. "Oh, they'll be able to sense your presence before they even see you; I can sense your Alpha scent increasing by the minute."

My scent is changing?

"How would meeting them now benefit me?" I questioned, wondering if it was fine to visit my pack members.

"You can ask them about their former Alpha, if anyone remembers what Alex was up to on that night, and most importantly, if anyone brought Alex's stuff ."

"His stuff?"

"The letter might've survived."

I gasped a little. "Yes, the letter with the terms and conditions on it. It was delivered by The Rogue Force in person, written by Maxwell, and most likely has an official seal to prove authenticity."

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