Chapter 11

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-Brittany's POV-

I woke up snuggled in to Harry's chest.He was storing lightly.He is so cute when he is asleep.I remembered that me Tabby and Elizabeth have a girls day today but thats kinda odd considering we dont usually have those unless its really important so i wonder what her news is. What if she has to leave early? That would suck and Niall would be really upset. I stood up and walked to my bathroom but i was quiet so i wouldent wake Harry up.I got in the shower and got out a 5 minutes later i walked into my room and into my wardrobe. I picked out my outfit, it was a pair of ripped skinnys and a plain black v neck shirt with my black vans. I walked out and started to do my make up and then started on my hair. I straightened it.I finnished and turned around to see Hary sitting up on my bed wide awake.

"You take forever to get ready!" He said.I rolled my eyes.

"Were you whatching me?"


"Whatever!" I said walking over to him and pecking his lips lightly.I stood up straight again.

"What are you getting all ready for today anyway?" He asked looking at me with his adorible confused face.

"Girls day. remember?"

"Oh yeah. What am i supposed to do all day?" He said pouting. I rolled my eyes.

"You guys have an interveiw and you have to go to the studio."

"Oh yeah i remember now!"



"You have issues!"He threw a pillow at me. I gasped and threw it back.He stood up and ran to me he was shirtless and in his boxers.He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.I screamed and beat on his back.He just laughed and kept going."PUT ME DOWN ASSHOLE!"We were down stairs now and standing in the living room.




"Put her down we are leaving now!" Elizabeth said. She got very demanding sometimes.


"I will see you tonight. NOW PUT ME DOWN!"He put me down and i was stood infront of him.He leaned down and kissed me it was sweet and gentle at first but then i could feel the lust and hunger.

"COUGH COUGH" Tabby said.I pulled back and he pouted.

"I wil see you later!" I said.

"I know.....I love you!" He said.

"I love you too! Bye!"

"Bye" The rest of the boys and Tabby and Elizabeth all said there goodbyes.We then walked out and to the car we had waiting for us.We got in and the driver started to drive us to a destination wich i still had absoloutley no idea about.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"LAZAR TAG! first." Elizabeth said.

"Okay and wait first what else are we doing today?" Tabby asked.

"Go karts and then something to eat!!!" Elizabeth said.

"Wow."We arived at the Lazar tag place and got out of the car.We walked in and Elizabeth went and payed.Me and Tabby went to the waiting place there was a couch and a couple chairs but they were occupied and the couch had enough room for one more person.Before i could sit down Tabby sat down. I looked at her with a look of disbeleife and then slapped her in the face playfully.

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