Chapter 30

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We were sitting in the car on our way to the interview.The van is set up like a limo in the back basically and Paul was driving my step dad was in the passenger seat and behind Paul facing the back was Liam and behind Finn was Zayn and then on the other side across from them it was Tabby next to the window then Elizabeth then Niall and then behind them in the very back was me next to the window and then Harry and then Louis.I layed my head on Harry's shoulder and i felt his head go onto of mine and his hand rest on my thigh.I felt like i was melting under his touch.Once we arrived we got out and started for the front door there were so many girls standing in front of the place i was kinda scarred but i sucked it up and grabbed Harry's hand.We walked inside and into the waiting room Tabby,Elizabeth and I all sat on the couch while the boys went into the interview room.

"So,When are we leaving for gerogia to get my things?" Elizabeth asked.

"If you want we can leave in the morning?" I asked.She nodded.

"That sounds good." Tabby said.

"So have you talked to Dominick?" I asked.

"Yeah......" She said.

"What happened?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well you know how Louis and I broke up right?"

"Yeah." Elizabeth and I said.

"Okay well i was texting Dominick and he admitted his feelings for me and i admitted my feelings for him."

"I KNEW IT!" We said in unison.She laughed.

"Oh and Brittany,Umm...I'm not sure how to tell you this...." I gave her a confused look.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well,Ryan is...Drinking again..." She said.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I said i could feel anger building up inside me.She nodded and i stood up feling the hot tears run down my face i walked out the back door and started to just walk down the side walk.

-Harry's POV-

I looked over and seen my beautiful girlfriend talking to Tabby and Elizabeth.I smiled and looked back at the interveiwer.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I herd someone yell i looked back out to see Brittany walking out of the back door in tears.I stood up and excused myself.I walked out of the back door and started to look for Brittany.I finally saw her she was sitting on a park bench in the park across the street.I ran across the street and over to her.I stopped in front of her and sat down next to her.

"Brittany whats wrong?" I asked.She looked up at me with her eyes full of tears.

"He's drinking again." She said.I looked at her confused.

"Who?" I asked.

"RYAN!" She yelled.I started to get pissed.Why does she even still care about him?Didn't he hurt her?

"Why do you care?" I asked it came out pretty harsh.She looked at me and stood up.

"Because, He was my best friend and i helped him stop drinking and to know he's doing it again kills me!" She yelled.

"Why would you care for him anymore? He treated you like crap!" I  yelled standing up as well.

"Because he was a good friend and the only time he hurt me was when he kissed Tabby you ass!" She yelled and started to walk down the side walk i walked back over to the interview place and walked inside and sat back in my seat.Louis i guess could tell that i was pissed because he patted my leg and gave me a reassuring smile.

**** 1 Hour later****

We finally made it back home and i walked in noticing Brittany still wasn't home.

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