Chapter 2

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" I HAVE FAILED YOU DORA " I screamed at my TV. I always watch Dora before Elmo because i wake up early and it comes on before sesame street and that's my favorite show so i watch Dora to pass the time. I said swiper no swiping but apparently not loud enough because swiper still stole the star thing.

" Brittany SHUT UP" I hear Tabby yell from her room. oops see i told you i said swiper no swiping loud enough stupid Dora. That bitch just don't listen.

After Dora got her stupid star back sesame street came on and i am in love with Elmo. so i wait for Elmo's world o come on. about thirty minutes into sesame street Elmo's world comes on and i belt out the lyrics to the theme song.


I herd Tabby get up and start to walk towards the door but right when she was supposed to open it she just kinda i guess tyred to open it with her face.

"FUCK" She screams. standing up and sliding the door open.

" Those damn doors keep jumping out in front of me!"She says walking in to my room sitting on the couch next to me.

" Tabby, you have SO many issues!" I say standing up and walking to my bathroom to get ready for the day.

I turn on the shower and step in after it heated up, then i washed my body and scrubbed my hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner. I got out and rapped a fluffy white towel around me and walked out into my room. I walked over to my closet and picked out my white holy skinny jeans and black adventure time shirt and put on my white and black converse. I then went into my bathroom and did my makeup with some eyeliner and some mascara and some base , then i straightened my hair when i figured i was ready to go i walked down stairs and into the kitchen. I was hungry.

I walked over to the cabinet and pulled out the nutella and then got a piece of bread and put it in the toaster.

After a short while of waiting my toast popped up and then i pulled it out and put a crap load of nutella on it. I herd someone come in behind me so i turned around to see Tabby standing there she had a sad look on her face.

" Whats wrong?" I ask concerned.

"Your not gonna make me any breakfast like you do every morning? She asked sounding really upset. god this girl and her food.

" I kinda wanted to go read and i thought you went back to sleep so no i guess not " I said.

" WHY DO YOU HATE ME?" She yelled at me.

" I don't hate you! "

" Its all good i can eat cereal"

" Whatever you are so dramatic."

" Hey you wanna go swimming later?" She asked.

" Sure,when?" I asked putting my plate in the sink.

" When i get done eating i guess. " She said.

" Okay" I said before walking away and back up the stairs to change.

I walked in my room and went straight to my suitcase i haven't unpacked yet. I looked through my suitcase until i found my green and black checkered bikini. I slipped it on and then ran down stairs.

When i got down there Tabby was already in the pool wow how the hell does she do it so fast. Anyway i walked over to the radio and turned on 'want you back ' by Cher Lloyd

I walked over to the edge of the pool and dived in. When i came back up i saw all of the boys and Elizabeth except Harry looking at us. I don't know where Harry is.

" No we don't want to go swimming to " Elizabeth says sarcastically.

" sorry you guys were asleep and we didn't want to wake you up and if want to go swimming then go get your swimsuits on " I say getting out of the pool.

" Okay and why does your bikini match your room? " Liam says looking at me.

" Its my favorite colors."

After that they all go inside and get dressed. After about ten minutes of waiting they finally emerged from the house wearing there swimsuits.

"Where is Harry at ?" I ask. The boys look at each other and then look at me as if unsure of what to say.

" uuuhhh hes in his room" Louis says stepping in to the pool and swimming over to Tabby.

The rest of the boys and Elizabeth jump in. I get out and walk in the house and go straight to Harry's room and open the door.

" Hey"Isay and walk in closing the door behind me.

" Hey" He says siting up in his bed. He looks up and down my body with his mouth slightly open and then meets my gaze.

" You might want to close your mouth before something crawls in there." I say he laughs and stands up.

" I'm sorry your just so gorgeous " He says showing that breathtaking smile. wait what its not breathtaking or is it ?

" Thanks i guess " I say a bit awkwardly.

" I guess i will see you at the pool " He says just as awkwardly.

" Yeah " I say walking out of his room .

I walk down stairs and out side to the pool i dive in once again. For some odd reason we are listening to' i like big butts ' by sir mix alot. And Tabby and Louis are singing and dancing its pretty fucking weird but i join them. Soon enough everyone is singing and dancing as well and then my mom and Finn walk out side and just stand there with the 'what the fuck look' on there faces. Then my mom joins in and starts dancing and singing but once she does that everyone except for Tabby and Louis stop dancing and singing. Then my step dad starts and we just walk inside. We walked to the living room and sat on the couch in silence until Louis interrupts our peaceful silence.

" Lets watch a movie " He says walking in to the living room with Tabby behind him.

" SURE, CAN WE WATCH TOY STORY? " Liam yells . I thought he was supposed to be the adult like figure in the group .

" Okay" Everyone says.

About an hour and some time later the movie ended and we all stood up and stretched. We all realized we were still in our bathing suits so we ran to our rooms and changed i put on what i had on earlier and walked down downstairs. Everyone was already down there dressed and everything, how the hell do people get ready faster that me damn.

" You ready for dinner Brittany ?" Finn asks me.

" yeah sure, what are we having ?" I ask.

" We are going out to eat . Anywhere certain you would like to eat ?"

" NANDOS" Niall screams.

" I guess nandos" I say. Niall jumps up and down with joy, and runs over to me and hugs me.

" THANK YOU " He screams in my ear and then runs over to Elizabeth and grabs her hand and pulls her to the front door.

" Your welcome" I kinda say more to myself than Niall because he is already out the front door.

We all walked out of the door and to the van that was waiting to take us my step dad was in the front driving with my mom and the back of the van had seats set up like a limo kinda and i was sitting behind my mom next to Harry who was next to Louis who was next to Tabby who was next to Liam who was next to Zayn who was next to Elizabeth who was next to Niall. After about a five minute drive we were at nandos. We all got out and walked in we sat down basically the same way we were sat in the car except my mom was next o me and Finn was next to her. We ordered our food and talked a little bit until the waitress came out with our food . We ate normally except for Elizabeth and Niall who looked like they were eating to save there lives. Tabby kept on getting into arguments with every innanament object that was at our table. After we ate we got back in the car and went home. It was a short five minute drive and it was filled with us dancing and singing to random songs on the radio.

I waled in to my room and went straight to my shower, i love taking showers they relax me. After i get out of the shower i walk in my room and put on my pjs and crawl in bed not long after i fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

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