Chapter 10

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-Elizabeth's POV-

I walked out of my room and down the stairs.I walked into the living room where i saw Niall, Liam , Zayn,Dominick,Tabby,Louis,Brittany and Harry all sitting on the couches either snuggled or sprawled out over each other i walked over to Niall where there was an empty seat.I sat down he looked at me and kissed my cheek sweetly. I smiled and looked at Brittany and Tabby they looked back at me with confused expressions on there faces. I just kinda kept looking at them with a weird expression almost like 'ima make a mess upon your innocence'.

"Do you need to talk to us?" Brittany and Tabby both said at the same time, its creepy how they do that.

"Yes actually, how about we have a girls day tomorrow?"I said looking at the two who now understood my face.They both nodded and the boys kinda sat there like 'Da fuck'. It was pretty funny.

"Could you guys like stop staring at each other like that?" Harry asked. We all looked at him and just stared at him like the way we were staring at each other.He looked at each of us and then closed his eyes like that's gonna make us go away. Dumb ass. "Could you guys please stop?Your scaring me!" Brittany leaned over to where he was sitting next to her and got right next to his ear.

"Rawr" She whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear. Harry jumped a little and opened his eyes and opened them wide and turned to look at Brittany and he smiled and kissed her on the lips and it started to get awkward.

"OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH PDA NO NO BAD!" I screamed they pulled apart and looked at me and laughed and then snuggled back on the couch. I just shook my head.

"So what are we doing for dinner?" Niall asked. I looked at him.

"I don't know but what ever we are doing needs to happen soon before my stomach eats its self!" I stated. He shook his head and everyone laughed at me i just looked around confused."What?"I asked.

"Your always hungry babe!" Liam says when he brings himself back together.I look at him and shrug.He just laughs again.

"Seriously tho what the hell are we doing for dinner?" I asked. They looked at me seriously and shrugged.

"We could order something for here or we could go out or............."Niall said trailing off. I looked at him confused.

"Or what?" I asked.

"Or Brittany and Harry could cook for us?"He said more as a question.They both looked at him and glared. I laughed so hard that i fell to the ground crying everyone looked at me funny i just laughed even harder. Oh i forgot to mention that i laugh allot pretty much at every thing.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" Brittany asked looking at me. I just laughed harder she stood up and walked over to me and grabbed my legs and started to pull me somewhere i had no idea where because i was laughing so hard and my eyes were all watery. She kept on dragging me until we stopped and she made me stand up and then she pushed me and i was in the pool. Good thing i didn't have my phone or anything important that would have sucked. I swam back up to the surface and glared at Brittany who was laughing her ass off. I got out of the pool and she seen me and took off running in the house and i ran after her i was sliding every where but i didn't fall.She ran into the living room where everyone else was and i ran in after her she ran straight to Harry and jumped behind him and tried to hide. Silly girl. I ran over and all the boys were starting at me and i walked in front of Harry he looked up at me with a very scared expression on his face. I just smirked.He stood up and walked away with his hands up in the air in defeat Brittany gasped and looked at him with a hurt expression on her face he looked at her looked at her with a face that clearly said 'I'm sorry' I laughed and walked closer to Brittany and hugged her she screamed.

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