Chapter 7

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"I love the dress. Your going to look amazing!"

"Thanks!" My mom said. She walked back into the little room thing to take the dress off.She walked back in a few minutes later with the blond chick.

"Are you girls ready to find your dresses?" She asked us.

"YES!" We all say together.We get up and walk around looking for dresses Tabby and Elizabeth were in the same section as me but i wasn't paying any attention to them they didn't seem to pay much attention to me or each other. I was looking through the racks and came upon several different ugly ass dresses some of these were just like are you even a fucking dress? Anyway i stopped flipping through the dresses when i came across the prettiest dress iv ever seen so i picked it up luckily it was in my size so i took it to the change room i realized that Tabby and Elizabeth were no where around.So i proceeded to my changing room i stopped in front of my door because i herd Tabby screaming from her room and she was saying something about the dress made her fall.Oh god that girl has SO many things wrong with her. I continued in to my dressing room and changed into my dress the dress is strapless it goes down to my knees it hugs my curves perfectly it was black with a heart shaped neckline it had a beautiful lace stitching with some green stitched in as well going around my bust the dress was absolutely gorgeous.I then walked out of the dressing room and into where everyone else was i walked in and my mom started to laugh. Why the fuck was she laughing? I seen that Elizabeth and Tabby were already standing up on the thing but they had there backs to me i walked up on the thing not paying attention to the other girls and looked at my mom with a confused look on my face.

"What are you laughing at ? Is it that bad i thought i looked pretty good!" I say. She just giggles more What the fuck?

"Just look at Tabby and Elizabeth's dresses!"My mom said. I looked over to Tabby and Elizabeth and i seen there dresses they were the exact same ones as mine except Tbby's dress had blue stitch and Elizabeth's had purple stitch how the hell does that happen we weren't even trying?

"Wow!"I say. I start to laugh and then my mom looks at me with a serious face. So i try to return the look but i failed.

"I love those dresses on you girls. You all look so pretty!" We all look at each other and smile. Janna comes out and she was wearing a cute little red dress.The blond left the room a couple minutes before while we were laughing at our dresses and she came back with a pair of lime green heels a pair of purple heels and a pair of blue heels they were so cute and they matched the coloring on our dresses. We tried the shoes on and they feet perfect we then looked in the mirror we looked HOTT!!

"WE LOOK HOTT!" Elizabeth said almost like she was reading my mind. Me and Tabby just nodded and kept checking ourselves out. and then we had to go change so we went and changed and when we came out i got a text.

Harry:Hey babe , am i still taking you out to lunch? We just got done shopping and I'm hungry and i REALLY miss my baby!!!!xxxx

Me:HEY!!!!!!! hahahaha of course and so did we! I miss you too.......... i could eat!!!!!xxxxxx

Harry:hahaha okay how about we meet up at the house and we will leave as soon as we get there?xxx

Me: KK sounds good to me , byez!xx

Harry: Bye babe,!xxx

I slid my phone into my pocket and then we walked to the register and picked up our dresses and shoes then were in pretty bag things well the shoes were in boxes but... never mind. After we payed we walked out and got back into the van. We drove a short drive home. Thank god because Tabby would not shut up about fucking skittles. As soon as we got home i basically ran out of the van and over to where i seen the boys van pulling up as soon as it stopped Harry jumped out really fast and jumped on me we fell into the grass laughing he was lying on top of me and i looked into his eyes and he looked in mine and then he leaned down and kissed me after we pulled apart he stood up and helped me up and intertwined our fingers and he walked me to his car.

"Where are you two going?" Finn asked looking at us like we were retarded.

"I am taking my girlfriend to lunch is that so bad?" Harry said i blushed and looked at the ground when he called me his girlfriend.

"Yes actually it is!" Finn snapped back. what was his issue?

"How?" I asked butting in this time.

"The papz don't know your dating your managers daughter and if you are seen out together it can start allot of stuff Harry!" Finn said he sounded angry.

"Well i want everyone to know that Brittany is my girlfriend! I want to show her off to the world!" AAWWWWWW that's so sweet. I feel special.

"Harry she is not ready for the papz much less the fans they'll tare her apart she is to sweet she wouldn't be able to handle it i don't want her getting hurt!" Finn said.

"BUT I LOVE HER!" Harry yelled. He whats me?

"Harry you kn--" I cut Finn off.

"You love me?" I asked looking deep into Harry's eyes.

"I....yeah." He said. I looked deeper into his eyes and walked towards him i stopped once i was stood right infront of him no space between us.I looked up at him and stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck and stopped once my lips hovered over his.

"I love you too." I said and then leaned in a gently kissed his lips he kissed back and wrapped his arms around my waist.We pulled apart and he rested his forehead on mine and looked me in the eyes.

"Okay we get it you guys love each other but all that eating each others faces is not healthy!" Tabby said.I let go of Harry and turned around and looked at Finn.

"I am a strong girl if it will make Harry happy then i will give him want he wants i wont let them bitches who don't even know me get in my head i promise!" I said with pleading eyes.

"I....".He trailed off ."Okay but i warned you! Now go have fun don't get into to much trouble!" We laughed and then hoped in Harry's car and sped off out of the driveway and down the road to a destination i had no clue about.

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