Chapter 48

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By the time we were finished cooking everyone had arrived and are all in the living room with plates of food talking.I am sitting next to Harry....I looked at him and he looked at me.

"Are you ready?" I whispered.He nodded.We stood up and he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.We walked to the front of the living room in front of the fire place and faced everyone.

" went to the doctors this morning....and we had an ultra sound done...." I said.

"And.....WERE HAVING A BABY GIRL!" Harry shouted.I giggled and everyone cheered.They came to us and we hugged everyone and they congradulated us.

****1 hour later****

Everyone has left except for Harry's parents.Of course...

"Are you ready to go babe?" Harry asked.I nodded.

"Yeah,i'm tired and we have to get up early." I stated.

"Why do we have to get up early?" He asked.

"We're going house hunting was ur idea." He nodded and chuckled.We stood up and hugged his parents.

"Bye and congratulations!"Ann said.

"Bye and thanks." We said.We walked out of the house and to the car.We got in and Harry started it and we started for my flat.

Once we made it to my flat,we parked and went inside...we said goodnight to the girls and went to my bedroom....we got in our PJ's and crawled in bed.I snuggled in Harry's chest and passed out.

"Britt....Babe....i found a couple houses that we can look at...please get up!" I herd Harry say.I opened my eyes to see him sitting up and shirtless with his laptop in his lap.I sat up and looked on the computer.

"Harry..those are not houses...those are mansions!" I stated.

"I know....aren't they beautiful?!" He asked.I nodded.

"Very!" I said.He chuckled and kissed my cheek.

"Okay...go get ready!" He said.I nodded and we got up.I walked into the bathroom and did my buisness.I walked out and to my closet i got dressed in some comfy clothes and slipped on my shoes.I fixed my hair and make up and waited for Harry to get out of the bathroom.Once he came out he grabbed his phone and the keys along with a peice of paper he wrote the addresses on.I grabbed my phone and i walked in front of Harry.We walked into the living room to see the girls sitting on the couch.

"Where are you two going?" Lizzy asked.

"House hunting!" Harry said excitedly.

"Your what?" Tabby asked.

"Going to look for houses..for when Harry is back from tour and when i have the baby....we want the baby to have it's own know...and us together as a family." I said.They nodded.We walked out of the house and to the Jeep,he backed out of the parking space and started down the road after putting the first adress in the GPS.

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