Chapter 49

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A/N: Guys.......this was my first story....and now...this is the last chapter......sorry i am ending it like this but.....yeah.....i hope you enjoyed reading this story....I hope you enjoy the rest of my many stories...I love you..:(

"Darcy kayelyn are the cutest baby i have ever seen." I said to the baby girl in my arms.

"Hey....Harry needs you in the bed room.....let uncle Domo take miss.Darcy." Dominick said reaching out his arms to Darcy.I handed her to him and walked up the stairs.

"You need me?" I asked walking in.I stopped to see that my baby girls room is all decked out in seasame street everything.I walked to Harry and wrapped my arms around his neck.he wrapped his arms around my waist.I leaned up and pecked his lips.

"What do you think?" He asked.

"I love it." I said.He smiled and nodded.

"Me too." He whispered before placing a kiss on my lips.

"Hey guys....were off...where's Darcy's diaper bag?" Tabby said walking into Darcy's new room.I looked at her confused.

"Why do you need her diaper bag?" I asked.

"Oh..Harold hasn't told you?" She asked.I looked at Harry.

"I am taking you out tonight...just me and you.....i have a little surprise." I smiled and pecked his lips.

"Okay!" I said.I gave Tabby the diaper bag and they left.

"Ok....go get ready." Harry said.I nodded and walked into our room.I wlaked to our bathroom and got in the shower.

****5 minutes later****

I got out of the shower and walked to our closet.I got dressed in the custes dress i had...It is white and it goes to mid thigh,it's tight and strapless and itzips up in the front.I slipped on a black cardigan and then my black stilettoes.I did my make up and hair.I sprayed some perfume on and walked out of our room.I walked down the stairs and into the living room.Harry was standing there wating..he was all dressed up in his best suit.I smiled and he held out his arm to me.

We walked out of the house and got into his car.He started to drive to an unknown destination.We pulled up in a dark ally it looks familiar.I looked at him confused...

"Where are we?" I asked.He smiled.

"Youll see." He said getting out of his side and wlaking to mine.He opened my door and i got out.He shut my door and we walked in the door.As soon as i stepped foot in the door he got behind me and covered my eyes.I giggled.

"What are you up to styles?" I asked.He chuckled.

"Youll see." I rolled my eyes..even tho he can't see.We stopped walking and he removed his hands.It's the bowling ally....

"Aw babe!" I said remebering the last time we were here and what happened after ward...except this time it's slightly dimmer and theres a little dinner table thing sat up at the lane we were at the last time.We walked over and he pulled out my chair for me.He walked to his side and sat down.

A fancy waiter dude walked over to us and took our order.

"I wanna play!" I said.He chuckled and stood up.I stood up and we walked to the bowling balls.I grabbed one and walked to the thing.I rolled it but didn't hit any pins.I tried again but failed once more.I turned around to sit down so Harry could go but he stopped me and handed me his ball.I took it and he got behind me.He put one hand on my waist and another on the ball with my hand.I smiled and he helped me...i got a strike!

I turned around in his arms and pecked his lips.The waiter came back and we sat down to eat.

Once we finished eating,We stood up and thanked the waiter.We walked out of the back door and got in the car.Once we were buckled Harry looked at his phone and started to panic.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing." He said as we sped out of the ally and down the road.

****30 minutes later****

I started to look out the window to see where we were....and we are right in front of the London eye.I started to fangirl a little bit.Once we pulled into the parking space we got out and i walked to Harry.He intertwined our fingers and we walked to the entrance..there is usually so many people here.....This is weird.We walked into the egg shaped thing and......


A/N: That bitch did it again.....So this story is over...i bet you never seen it CUMMING...Hehehehe i spelled it cumming instead of coming.







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