Chapter 27

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-Brittany's POV-

We finally arrived at at the mysterious location.Harry never told me where we were going.Harry got out first and then helped me out.I stood up straight and looked out in front of me.We are at a beautiful beach with a huge dock and a huge boat.I looked at Harry who i realized had been starring at me this whole time.He smiled and grabbed my hand and inter wined our fingers.I smiled and he escorted me to the boat.Once we got to the thing where you climb on Harry went first and i followed.Once we got on the deck i looked around and took in my surroundings.It was beautiful there is a table with two chairs there's a lit candle in the middle.Harry pulled m e over to the table and we sat down.

"This is absolutely gorgeous Harry." He smiled and grabbed both of my hands on either side of the table and looked into my eyes.

"Anything for my beautiful girlfriend." He said with a cheeky smile.I blushed and looked down.My head shot back up when i herd foot steps.There was a waiter walking towards us.He smiled and approached the table.

"Hello,May i take your order?" He asked very politely.Harry and i nodded and looked at the menu.I ordered the fettuccine Alfredo and some wine Harry got the same.The man nodded and took our menus and walked back to where i guess the kitchen was.I looked out to the ocean realizing we were moving.I stood up and walked over to the side of the boat and looked out.The sun was just setting and it was beautiful.I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and pulled me into them i leaned into the figure knowing it's Harry.He kissed my temple and rested his head on my shoulder.I looked at him and kissed his cheek.He smiled and we both continued to look out at the ocean.We stood there for about five minutes watching the sun set.I started to feel Harry kissing my neck and shoulder.I smiled and let him continue.I herd the same foot steps from earlier so i turned around, Harry was attached to me. The man who took our orders was now standing at the table with our wine and wine glasses.We walked over to the table and Harry let go of me. We sat down and the man set our glasses down and started to pour the wine in our glasses.When he was done he bowed slightly and walked back to the kitchen.I picked up my glass and took a drink of it.

"So,when do you leave for collage?" Harry asked breaking the silence.

"Three weeks." I said,He looked hurt.


"Yeah,But don't be upset lets enjoy the time we have left."

"What do you mean?"

"Harry,I'm going to collage and as soon as i start collage you have a tour.We are never gonna be able to see each other."

"Can we at least try to see each other instead of just giving up?" He said getting quiet at the last part.

"You think i'm just giving up?"

"No,Well i mean it sounds like you are."

"Harry,I'm not giving up and i don't want to.But we have to be realistic.We have two totally different lives how the hell are we supposed to keep up with our lives and still be with each other?" I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes.I could see that he had hurt and anger written all over his face.I felt terrible but i just don't know what to do anymore.

" So your saying that when you leave.Were......done?" He asked i could see a tear stream down his face.I couldn't say anything.The waiter walked out and set our food down.We both just messed with our food.After about five minutes of an awkward silence,We stopped at the dock once again and we got off of the boat.We walked to the limo and got in we didn't speak the rest of the way to the hotel.Once we pulled up we got out and walked in Harry was first and i followed.I could tell he was pissed.We finally made it to our room and we walked in.Harry went straight to our room and i followed once again.He walked over to his suitcase and put it on the bed he started to pack everything of his. I started to cry as i watched the love of my life get ready to just walk out on me.I couldn't take it anymore i ran into the living room and out of the hotel room.I was still crying,but i didn't care.I walked out of the hotel and started to walk down the side walk.

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