Chapter 39

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When the movie was over i stood up and walked out of the movie room while everyone just stretched.I plugged my i pod in and started to play ' ice ice baby' by Vanilla Ice.I started to sing and i turned it up all the way.Tabby and Elizabeth walked into the living room dancing and singing.Then the boys walked in and stopped when they seen us making fools of our self's.Lizzy started to moon walk and Tabby was....well i'm not even sure what the hell she was doing.I was doing the sprinkler and shaking my butt. Once that song ended my i pod changed to the next song because it was on shuffle and ' ignition' the remix by R Kelly started to play.I fangirled a little bit but started to dance.It wasn't very clean dancing but it was chill Lizzy joined me and Tabby was in her own world and then she started to shake her butt really weird like.The boys started to dance with us.Harry put his hands on my hips from behind and got right next to my ear.

"I want to stick my key in your ignition." He said seductively.I turned around and gave him the stank face.He just laughed.Once that song ended 'Smack that' came on and Elizabeth and I fangirled so much and then we got serious and made everyone move.Tabby knew exactly what we were doing but the boys just looked at us like we were crazy.We did our dance to the entire song.Then we allowed everyone to dance again when the next song came on which was 'Cyclone' by Baby bash.Tabby,Lizzy and i started to do our version of a cyclone and let me tell you it's not pretty we are basically moving our hips in big circles and we look as if we are raping an invisible person.The boys laughed at us and then the song ended i turned the i pod off and walked to the couch,i sat down and Harry plopped down on my lap.I grunted.

"So when's the pre tour interveiw thing?" Liam asked sitting down next to Harry and I.

"I think Finn said something about it being tomorrow at lik12:00." Harry said.Liam nodded and i just sighed.Harry pecked my lips and got up.I stood up as well.

"I think Tabby,Lizzy and I have to go meet our professors and get a tour of the school tomorrow at 12:00." I said.Harry nodded."TABBY." I yelled.She had walked into the kitchen with Lizzy,Zayn,Niall and Louis.She walked out and looked at me."Do we have that school thing tomorrow?" I asked.She nodded.I looked back to Harry."I have to find something to wear." I said.He chuckled and nodded.I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room.I shut the door behind us and went straight to my closet and Harry plopped down on my bed.

****30 minutes later****

I finally found a cute and nice enough outfit so i folded it and put it on my dresser.I walked to Harry and layed next to him.

"I'm gonna miss this." He said.I climbed on top of him.I nodded.

"Do you get to come home for the holidays?" I asked.He nodded.I smiled.

"Yup and we will be in Atlanta for halloween." I fangirled a little.

"Dude.I know the best places to go trick or treating in Atlanta." He chuckled a bit.

"Well then you will have to fly down and show us." I got excited.I leaned down and smashed my lips to his.He instantly kissed back.The kiss instantly got deepened when Harry licked my bottom lip asking for entrance,i let him in and he flipped us over so he was on top he started to pull at the hem of my shirt so we parted for a second and he threw it somewhere in the room.I started to pull his shirt off then i threw it somewhere.He started to unbutton my shorts and slide them down.Once he got them off he undid his pants and stepped out of them we were both in our underwear when there was a bang on my door.I shot up pushing Harry over so i could get up i walked to my door and stopped.

"Who is it?" I asked a little annoyed.


"AND LIZZY....Tell her I'm here too." Lizzy said.I rolled my eyes.

"She can hear you too Lizzy."

"Oh....HEY BRITTANY!" I rolled my eyes once again.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Were hungry."

"Well i'm busy." I said.

"oo..GROSS." Tabby said.

"What's gross?" Lizzy asked.

"There doing the no no bad in there." Tabby said.I rolled my eyes.

"GO AWAY!" I yelled.I herd stomps go away from my door.I turned around and looked at Harry.He gave me a cheeky smile.I rolled my eyes and walked to him.I crawled on my bed and on top of him.I leaned down and got next to his ear.

"Let's do the no no bad." I said seductively.He smiled and started to kiss my neck.He flipped us over and took control.

****2 hours later****

We fell to the bed panting and trying to catch our breath.I looked at him and smiled he smiled back at me.He leaned down and pecked my lips.I pulled away and got up,i walked to my bathroom and started a shower.I got in and started to wash my hair.Harry walked into the bathroom and opened the curtain he got in and i moved away from the water.He stepped under and i continued lathering my hair.Once i was finished he started and i rinsed my hair and put conditioner in it.He did the same.I washed my body and rinsed my self off.He followed my actions and i turned the water off and got out i grabbed a white towel and rapped it around my body Harry got out and wrapped it around his waist.We walked back into the bedroom and i looked at him.

"What are we gonna do today?" I asked.

"Well seeing as it's..." He checked his phone." 6:00...we could do whatever you want." He said.I nodded.My phone started to ring so i walked over to it and answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey hun,Do you and the girls want to join us for dinner tonight?" My mom asked.

"Sure....What time do you want us?" I asked.

"How about 7:00." She asked.

"That sounds good.We will see you then,I love you bye."

"I love you too." I hung up and tossed my phone on the bed.

"Who was that?" Harry asked.

"My mom,She wants us to come over for dinner tonight." I said.He nodded.I walked into my closet and grabbed my ripped black skinnys and then grabbed my black tank top and put it on with a peach colored v neck shirt over it. I then slipped on my white TOMS and walked back into my room walked passed Harry and he slapped my butt.I turned around and looked at him.

"Kid." I said.

"What?" He asked innocently.I rolled my eyes.He chuckled and i walked into my bathroom,i did my makeup and then put moose and hairspray in my hair and left it curly then straightened my bangs.I walked back into my room and over to Harry who was wearing his sweat pants and a shirt and his beanie.I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket.I walked out of my room with Harry following.We walked into the living room and everyone looked at us and gave us stank faces.

"My mom wants us to come over for dinner." I said.Tabby,Niall and Lizzy jumped up and ran to the door."Lizzy and Tabby,don't you guys have to get dressed?" I asked.They stomped back into there rooms and got dressed they came out about 5 minutes later dressed.We all walked out of the flat and out to the cars.We drove to my moms and got out.We walked up to the doors and walked in.

"HUNNY WERE HOME!" Louis screamed.We walked to the kitchen to see my mom cooking.

"Hey you guys." My mom said.

"Hey." We said in unison.Harry pulled me up the stairs and into his room.He got dressed and then we walked back down stairs.It was time to eat so we sat down and ate.Once we were finished we told my mom thank you.

"So,You have to stay?" I asked.Harry nodded.

"Okay...I love you." I said.He kissed my forehead.

"I love you too." He said.I pecked his lips and Tabby Lizzy and I got in our cars and started for our flat.Once we got back we walked inside and decided we were tired so we went to our rooms.I got changed into my pajamas and crawled in my bed.I soon fell into a deep dreamless sleep.







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