Chapter 41

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"Miss.Choppy,you are pregnant." I started to cry even harder.I'm 19 i shouldn't be pregnant, i should be getting waisted and staying out all night and enjoying college life.What the actual fuck am i supposed to do with a baby?I mean i will love it but i just don't want to have to love a baby of my own RIGHT NOW!


"Take care of it and love it.Your gonna be a great mommy!" Lizzy said.

"What if i can't give it the attention and the love it needs....Will it like drop dead or something?" They giggled.

"No,Britt,You are gonna be the best mom in the whole wide universe." Tabby said.

"And we are gonna be the best aunts in the whole wide universe." Lizzy said.I laughed a bit and signed the papers from the doctor and we left.I had so many thoughts running through my mind.

"So,Where are we going to do now?" Tabby asked.

"We have to go to my mom's and Finn's house...Now." I said they nodded and we got in the car.Once we got to my parents house we got out and walked up to the door.I stopped suddenly feeling insecure and very nervous.

"Britt,are you okay?" Tabby asked.I shook my head.She rubbed my back and opened the door.We walked in and we walked to the living room.Everyone was sitting on the couches.Harry shot up and ran to me,he engulfed me in a hug and then looked at me.I could see the tears in his eyes.We walked to the couch and sat down everyone was looking at us concerned and confused.

"What's wrong baby?" Finn asked.I started to cry.He got up and ran to me.He hugged me and made me calm down."Tell us what's wrong." He said.

"I'm........pregnant...." I said but almost in a whisper.He got a little closer.

"What baby?"

"I'm pregnant!" I said louder.He backed away and looked at me with a blank expression.Then he looked at Harry.He looked PISSED.

"You got my baby pregnant?" He asked.Harry just simply nodded."WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?HUH YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN AROUND GETTING GIRLS PREGNANT?"

"FINN,IT'S NOT JUST HIS DAMN FAULT!I FUCKED UP TOO!SO STOP BLAMING HIM!" I yelled.He stopped yelling and walked out of the house.My mom walked over to me amd knelt down in front of me,she put her hand on my knee and looked me in the eyes.

"Are you positive?" She asked.

"Yeah,I went to the doctor today because i kept getting sick and he made me take a pregnancy test and sure enough..." I said.She nodded and started to cry.She hugged me and we just sat there crying.She pulled away and looked at me and Harry.

"You both know it's time to grow up and be responsible adults now?" We nodded."Okay,You guys are gonna be great parents!I love you both!" She said leaning down and hugging us both.She walked out of the house to find Finn and it was just Harry,Me,Tabby,Lizzy and the rest of the One direction boys.

"Congratulations you guys!" Louis said.We chuckled.

"Congrats." The rest said.I knew they were disappointed in both of us but not as disappointed in my self as i am.I looked at Harry.He had small tears running down his face.

"When are we gonna tell your family?" I asked.He froze.

"How about tomorrow?" He asked.I nodded.This is great the first time i meet his mom we get to tell her i'm pregnant.This should be fun.I started to feel sick again so i stood up and ran to the bathroom.I herd Harry run after me.Once i got to the toilet i started to puke,Harry walked in and rubbed my back.I started to cry when i was finished he just pulled me into his arms and held me.I looked up at him.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" I asked.He nodded.

"Of course." He kissed my forehead and we stood up.We walked to his room and he grabbed a small bag and put pajamas and clothes for tomorrow in it and his hair stuff.Once he was finished we walked down the stairs and into the living room.Harry walked to the couch but i didn't follow.He looked at me confused.

"I need to go talk to Finn." I said,He nodded.I wlaked out of the front door to see him standing at the top of the drive way with my mom.I walked over to them.I looked at Finn.

"I need to talk to you." I said pointing to Finn.My mom kissed his cheek and she walked inside.I walked in front of him and just stood there.

"Finn,I love you,and i understand that your upset and disappointed.But i promise it won't effect Harry or any of the other lads careers.I won't let it.So please just be civil with Harry.Don't let this inter fear with yalls relationship."He looked at me.He opened his arms and i walked into them.I wrapped my arms around his torso and he wrapped his arms around me.He put his head on my head and sighed.

"I'm not mad,i was just kinda shocked.I can't beleive i'm gonna be a grandpa so fast.But i know you guys will be great parents."I looked at him and smiled.

"Thanks."He nodded.

"We will however have to postpone the tour for a week or so." I nodded.I felt the tears start to come again.He hugged me tighter and let me go."I love you hunny."

"I love you too dad." His face lit up at what i called him.He kissed my cheek and we walked inside together.I wlaked over to Harry and sat down in his lap.Finn stood in the middle of the living room.

"Boys,Due to the huge surprise.We will be postponing the tour date for about a week or so." Everyone nodded.Harry kissed my cheek and i smiled.I stood up and so did Harry.We said by to everyone and Tabby,Lizzy,Harry and I walked out of the house and to my jeep.Harry got in the drivers seat i got in the passenger eat and Tabby and Lizzy got in the back seat.We started for our flat.

****30 minutes later****

We finally made it to the flat and we got out.We walked inside and Harry and I went to my room.I walked into my bathroom and started the shower.Once it was hot enough i got in.

-Harry's POV-

Wow,i'm gonna be a dad.That's weird to say.But i guess i have to get used to it.I set my stuff down on Brittany's bed and walked into the living room and into the kitchen.Tabby and Lizzy were sitting at the table looking at me all weird like.Tabby made the 'come here' motion with her finger so i walked to them and sat down across from them.

"We need to talk." They said at the same time.







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