Chapter 16- The wedding part 1:

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-Brittany's POV-

I was sleeping so well in Harry's arms we didn't really get to much sleep last night.So we were tired.I herd the alarm start to beep and i was so annoyed.I slapped Harry's arm telling him to turn it off but he just grunted and rolled over.So much help.I sat up and turned the alarm off and got up realizing today was the wedding.I picked up my pillow and threw it at Harry .He made an nonhuman noise i just giggled and walked in the bathroom i was still naked from last night so i got some sweat pants and Harry's Ramon's T-shirt.I jumped in the shower and washed my body.About 15 minutes later i got out and got dressed.I walked into the hotel room.Harry was sitting on the bed naked.

"Well good morning beautiful."Harry said standing up.

"Good morning" I said walking over to the bed side table.I picked up my phone and looked at it i had a text from my mom.

Mom: Good morning sweetie.Are you awake yet?When you wake up go and get everyone else up please! Love you!

Me:Good morning and i will, don't worry.Love you too!

I sent the message and put the phone in my bra seeing how i had no pockets.I walked to the bathroom door where Harry had walked into before i checked my phone.


"ALRIGHT LOVE I'M GETTING IN THE SHOWER!" He yelled back.With that i walked out of our room and into the living room part and got my key of the counter in the little kitchen and walked to the door.I walked out and started down the hall.I stopped at Tabby and Louis room first because it was the closest to mine and Harry's.I knocked on there door a few times before banging on it.I herd stomping and grunting coming towards the door.A very sleepy Louis answered the door.

"Good morning Louis,Where's Tabby?" I asked trying to look around him into the room.

"She is still in bed." He said harshly.What crawled up his shit and died?

"Alright well you guys have to get up now."I said he grunted again.

"Why?" He whined.

"Because my mom and Finn are getting married today and we all have to start getting ready in like two hours therefore yall needa get yo asses up!"I said.He shook his head and chuckled a bit.

"Okay.But your waking Tabby up!" He said kinda sounding scarred at that last part.

I walked past him and into there bed room part and saw Tabby snuggled to a pillow.I walked over and got on the bed.I started to jump.Tabby sat up and glared at me.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR ISSUE?" She screamed.I giggled like a rapist and jumped off of the bed and started to run for the door.Iherd someone fall to the floor and then Tabby screamed. I just laughed and ran to Elizabeth and Niall's room.I banged on the door.I turned around and saw Tabby running after me.I hit the door louder and harder.Finally Niall opened the door and i ran inside and shut the door.

"Good morning to you too." Niall said sarcastically.

"Sorry Tabby's chasing me!"

"Oh.Wait why is she chasing you?"

"I woke her up by jumping on her bed and then she fell off and hurt herself."He laughed and walked to the bed room.I followed when we walked in i saw Elizabeth sitting on the bed dressed lazily like me we didn't have our hair or makeup done yet because were getting it done for the wedding.I walked over and sat down on Niall's side of the bed and she laid back on hers we layed there while Niall went to the bathroom to get lazily dressed as well.It was pretty quite until her phone went off.

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