Chapter 3

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I was woken up by people screaming something and people jumping on my bed. What the fuck are they doing?

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! " Someone with a very deep British accent yelled. Harry ?

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! " Someone else yelled except this time it was a girl i hope because it was very high pitched and i think it was Tabby.

I woke up from being thrown off of my bed and smacking the floor with my face. That's just fantastic , lovely way to wake up on your birthday. Wait its my birthday?

I jump up off the floor and run to my calendar, i look at the date and sure enough its my 19 birthday wwoohoo. I start to do a happy dance until someone coughs.

" Hey !" I say very excitedly. " Guess what ?"

" WHAT?" Tabby and Louis screams.

" Its my birthday." I say trying to not laugh at stupidness.

"Oh we new that."

" Anyway what do you want to do today?" My mom asks.

"GET DRUNK OFF OUR ARSES!" Tabby yells. Once again my mom does not have an approving look on her face. Smooth Tabby.

"Drink responsibly." Liam says. We all bust out laughing and fall to the floor almost in tears even my mom giggled a little.

" What is everyone laughing at?" My sister comes in saying.

"Nothing" My mom says. " Go get your stuff packed if you are going to your grandparents house for the night " With that my mom followed her out of the room.

"Janna's going to your grandparents house?" Liam asks.

"Duuhhh we are going to be drinking" I say.

" Who is gonna watch toy story with me while you guys drink?" Liam asks.

" Get Danielle to come over and hang with you." Harry says.

"I am hungry." Tabby states.

" I could use some snackage right now. Lets gooooooo !." I say.

"YAY!" Tabby yells running out of the room. I run after her and jump on her back and say "onward" while kicking her in the butt like I'm on a horse. She kinda just stopped and dropped me. I stand up and dust off my butt off she is already gone she took off right after she dropped me.

"HEY IM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL I DESERVE A PIGGY BACK RIDE!" I yell down the stairs. I start walking down stairs until someone picks me up and i am slung over there shoulder its Harry that ass. He runs down the stairs and out side i am wearing shorts and a tank top. What the hell is he thinking? I start to beat on his back and scream.


"NEVVAAHHHHH" He yells back but this time he runs inside.He throws me on the couch and runs away like a little girl. What the hell is his issue? I sit up and kinda just lay back until everyone runs in the living room and stands in front of me and Tabby is holding a tray of breakfast. She hands it to me but steals a piece of my bacon. They all sit down on the couch like right next to me or in front of me on the floor and i start to eat but they are all staring at me with really weird facial expressions.

"Do you like it?" Harry asks.

"Yes, its very good" I say.

"Awsome because i made it." He says.

"I HELPED" Tabby yells out of nowhere, causing us all to jump a little damn she is loud.

"You did a good job Tabby" I say. she just smiles and nods.

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