Chapter 8

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"Harry where the hell are you taking me?"I asked looking over at him his eyes still focused on the road.

"A place."

"What place?"

"A special place!"

"your SPECIAL!"

"HEY!"He yelled looking at me and then the road.

"Well....."After that we sat in silence but it was a comfortable silence.We finally pulled up at this old building from the back and then stopped.

"We are here!"Harry said excitedly while hopping out of the car.

"Harry where are we?We could get murdered!" I said.

"Brittany babe, calm down and follow me i wont let anything happen to you!" He said sounding reassuring.

"Okay but if i die i blame you!"

"Babe if you die i wouldn't be able to live with myself especially if it was my fault!" He said. aaawwww that's so sweet.

"Your so sweet!"

"I know!" I laughed and hit him playfully in the chest. We walked in side the old building and walked down a couple of hallways and then out a metal door. As soon as we walked through i stopped because i honestly did not expect what i saw but i was happy.

"Harry you brought me to a bowling ally?" I asked he stopped in his tracks and looked at me with almost a hurt face.

"You didn't want to come to a bowling ally i thought it was the pe--" I cut him off.

"Harry, shut up i am happy you brought me here i love bowling!" He looked at me and then smiled and walked closer.

"And i love you!" He said leaning down to kiss me.After he pecked my lips we walked over to the the clerk lady and Harry payed and we got our shoes and she told us what lane to go to. We went to our lane which was lane 6. We sat down at the table thing and put o our shoes and then Harry put in our names he put me first such a gentleman anyway after that i got up and got a Ball from the stand thing and brought it back to where our lane was and then i started bowling.My first try i kinda sucked no sucked was an understatement i was absolutely horrible When i threw it, it went into the gutter. I herd Harry laughing at me so i turned around and glared at him.

"Why are you laughing at me?" I asked walking towards my seat. He got up and went to get his ball he came back and looked at me.

"You don't bowl allot do you?" He asked with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and he turned to go bowl and when he did he got a fucking strike. What the hell was wrong with me?He turned around and walked back to his seat. Once he sat down i stood up and went to get my ball. After my second failed attempt at bowling i went and sat down. Harry went to do his turn he once again got a strike. He walked back but he didn't sit down he reached his hand out and took mine and stood me up he walked me to get my ball and he put my fingers in it the right way and he put one hand behind the one with the ball and the other on my waist and he walked me towards the bowling lane and then stopped.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Teaching you how to bowl love!"

"UUGGHHHH but i suck!"

"That's what she said. Anyway just let me help you!"

"Your nasty hazza! and fine i guess!"

"But you love me!"

"Yes, yes i do boo!"He laughed and then brought my hand back with his and he angled it with the lane then started to walk us forward and then we released the ball together. (A/N:Okay i realise how WRONG that sounds but that's not how i meant it okay carry on) We watched the ball in silence and then it hit the pins knocking over every single one. I turned around and jumped up and then Harry picked me up and spun me around he then set me down and looked me in the eyes.

"YOU DID IT!" He screamed.

"YOU HELPED ME!" I screamed back.Then he leaned down and kissed me the kiss started off slow and then started to get pretty intense he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist and put my arms around his neck and then he let his arms snake around my waist he started to walk somewhere but i wasn't paying much attention. I herd a door open and then we were outside we pulled apart still in each others arms and he opened up my door and he set me inside letting go of me and then quickly ran to his door he opened it and then got in super fast.Did he want me that bad? He leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"I want you so bad right now!" He said as if reading my mind.I giggled and then he turned back to the road and started to drive he was going super fast. Damn he is cute when he is horny. or should i say horany pulled up at this huge hotel looking place and he jumped out and ran to my door he quickly opened it and picked me up out of the seat he closed the door and ran inside the hotel he stopped at the clerk guy and asked for a room the dude laughed and then put a smirk on his face and handed Harry the key.Harry took it and ran to the elevator .Once we were inside he set me down and started to kiss me again once again it got intense and we started to basically snog each other when the elevator dinged the doors opened revealing a family with a mom a dad two little girls and a son none of the kids looked old enough to know what we were doing but there parents sure did they quickly covered there children's eyes me and Harry stopped kissing and walked off the elevator with our heads hung in shame well fake shame once they got on the elevater we busted into a fit of laughter. After we recovered we walked to our room and Harry unlocked it and we walked in i walked in first and soon after Harry followed he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck wrapping his arms around my waist. I moaned and tilted my head to the other side so he could have more access. He slowly nibbled and sucked on my skin. I'm almost positive there will be a mark there tomorrow. We slowly made our way to the bed and i turned around in his arms we started to kiss again with allot more lust,passion and hunger this time. He slowly layed me down never pulling apart from me. He slid his hands underneath my shirt and started to take it off once it was off he threw it on the ground and he took his shirt off while we were pulled apart. He hovered over me once again our body's rubbing against each other.He started to kiss down my body until he got to my shorts and he unbuttoned them and then slid them off throwing them to the ground as well  he crawled back on top of me and then started to kiss me again i reached down and started to unbutton his pants and he helped me take them off. He got up and went to his pants and picked them up and started to go threw the pocket and pulled something out. Oh it was a condom i retarded. He walked back over After he put it on he got back on top of me and started to kiss me again. The first time he went in me it hurt really bad and i whimpered a little.

"Are you okay babe?" He said stopping and looking me in the eyes.I nodded. I was still a virgin and this was my first time so it hurt and i knew it was going to just not this bad."We don't hav--"I cut him off.

"I want to!" I said. He nodded and started to go again.After the first couple times of him going in me it started to feel good and i enjoyed it allot more.

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