Chapter 35

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I woke up to someone hitting me in the face.I opened my eyes and looked in front of me it was Tabby's hand and it was just laying on my face.I giggled when i noticed she was out like a light.I rolled over to see Elizabeth was out to.I sat up and crawled over Tabby with out waking her up and i walked to my bathroom.I felt better than last night but i was still very upset but maybe Jared can make me feel better.I turned on the water and let it get hot and then i stripped and got in.I herd crashes and then laughs and then 'what makes you beautiful 'came on.I stuck my head out of the curtain to see Tabby and Elizabeth dancing to my bathroom.I rolled my eyes and closed the curtain.I herd them come in and i just continued to wash myself.I looked out of the curtain again and Tabby's face was right there.I screamed and they both laughed.I finished washing myself and my hair and then turned the water off.It was getting to Harry's solo and i jumped out of the shower and ran to the i pod and turned it off before it started to play.Tabby and Elizabeth walked out of the bathroom and looked at me strange and then started to laugh there asses off.I looked at them confused.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.Tabby pointed at me and i looked down.I looked back up to them."You LOVE it!" I said.They laughed and just shook there heads.I walked back into my bathroom and wrapped a towel around me.I walked in to my closet.I grabbed my black adventure time shirt and threw it on and then grabbed my white shorts.I then grabbed my converse,i put them on and then walked into my bathroom and started on my make up.When i was finished i started on my hair i left it curly and straightened my bangs.I looked in the mirror one more time and decided i looked good.I sprayed some perfume on and walked into my bed room.I sat on my bed next to Tabby and Elizabeth.They both grunted and i knew exactly what they wanted.Food.I stood up and rolled my eyes.

"Let's go get something from McDonald's." I said,they jumped up and ran into there rooms and got dressed.I walked down stairs after getting my purse,phone and keys.I walked into the living room Harry was asleep on the couch.I wanted to kiss him so bad he looked like he was crying all night.But it's his fault he shouldn't of cheated.I was pulled out of my thoughts when i herd a cough.It was Harry he looked at me with such intensity.He smiled.

"You look really pretty." He said.I looked down and back up to him.

"Thanks,You look...good too." I said looking around.He chuckled a bit.I looked back at him.

"Where are you of to?" He asked.It was so awkward.

"Going to McDonald's with Tabby and Elizabeth." I said.He nodded.

"Will you bring me back something?" I nodded.Just then Tabby and Elizabeth came hauling ass down the stairs and out of the front door.Harry and I laughed.

"I guess that's my que." I said.He chuckled and nodded.I turned around and walked out of the house.I wallked to my jeep and got in i just sat in the drivers seat looking a head of me.I was thinking about what just happened.What did just happen?I was pulled out of my thoughts by Tabby poking my face.I looked at her.

"You chill?" She asked.I nodded.

"Yeah that was just...weird." I said.

"What was weird?" Elizabeth asked.

"Harry and i had a somewhat civil conversation." I said.They nodded and then started to get impatient.I started my jeep and backed out of the drive way.I started for McDonald's.We finally made it to McDonald's and we got out and walked inside.I ordered our food including Harry's sausage biscuit and Dr.pepper.I got it and we walked to a table.We ate pretty fast and then we left.I carried Harry's stuff.Once we got in the car i set the cup in the cup holder and set the bag in my lap.I started for the house.Once we got back we walked inside and i noticed Harry wasn't in the living room anymore.I walked everywhere down stairs looking for him.I walked up stairs and to his door.I knocked and it opened.I handed it to him and smiled he smiled.

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