Chapter 22

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" Brittany,Babe its time to get up we are leaving for the airport in an hour!" I herd Harry's husky morning voice say.I smiled remembering we were going to Italy today.Just me and Harry this should be fun!I stretched and got up noticing Harry had left the room.I walked into the bathroom and did my business.I walked out and wen to the closet and pulled out some sweatpants,my favorite v neck john mayor shirt and some ugg boots.I walked out and got dressed then went back to the bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror i was feeling lazy and i was gonna be on a plain for a LONG time so i just pulled my hair up into a messy bun and then walked back into my bedroom.I walked over to my bed and sat down and went back over everything that i packed to make sure that i got everything,when Harry walked in carrying a tray with two pieces of nutella toast and two glasses of hot chocolate.I smiled as he walked over to the bed and sat down and setting the tray in front of both of us.I looked at him and smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Your so sweet!" I said.He chuckled and started to eat his toast.I picked up my peice and started to eat."Where are the others?" I asked.

"They all left because they all had earlier flights than us." I looked at the clock.5:30.

"This isn't early?" I asked.

"Kinda." I rolled my eyes."Alright we gotta go."He said standing up and picking up the tray.I nodded and stood up picking up my suitcases and walking out of my room following Harry down the stairs.I stopped at the front door and he went into the kitchen to put the tray and stuff away.When he came out he walked over to me and picked up his suitcases and i picked up mine and we walked out of the door making sure to lock the house before we headed to the waiting car.We had to take a body guard so we decided on Paul.We walked to the car and Paul was already sitting in the back with his suitcases already in the trunk and was waiting for us.We walked to the trunk and the driver took our luggage from us and put it in the trunk and we got in the car and took our seats.I was in the middle of Paul and Harry.

"You guys ready?" The driver asked.We nodded.He turned back around and started to drive.

****30 minutes later****

We pulled up out side of the airport.There were like a thousand girls out there.How did they even know?I looked at Harry and Paul.

"Here." Paul said handing me his phone.I looked at it it was a tweet from Niall.

@NiallOfficail:Off to Rio with my beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth!The rest of the lads are taking there special Lady's on there own vacation! Have fun!!!!@HarryStyles,@Real-Liam-Payne,@ZaynMalik,@LouisTomlinson,@BrittanyChoppy,@TabbyHorton And i love you @Elizabetholson!!!!!!

"I'm gonna cut that leprechaun!" I said Harry and Paul just laughed.Harry started for the door but Paul stopped him.

"Let me go first so you guys won't get attacked."Paul said.We nodded,Paul got out and we followed once they saw Harry they freaked out.I was not in the mood for screaming and crying teenage girls right now.We grabbed our suitcases from the driver guy and Paul led us through the airport and to where we were boarding.We gave the old lady our tickets and got on the plane.We went to our first class seats and plopped down.I pulled my laptop out of my carry on bag.I logged on to Twitter.My mentions were blowing up.

@Katyluvs1D:I am so happy that you and Harry are together!Your perfect for each other!:)

@BrittanyChoppy:@Katyluvs1D thanks hun that means allot!!!!!:)

After that i saw a few more nice tweets and then some horrible tweets.These girls are absolutely rude they have no respect for anyone.I started to tear up at some of them that were wishing for me to end my life,or Harry to dump me.They were just horrible.Harry looked at me i guess he noticed that i was crying because he reached over and closed my laptop.

"Don't let them get to you!" He said.I nodded and layed my head on his shoulder and put my head phones in.

-Elizabeth's POV-

We are fixing to land in Rio and i am laying on Niall and he has his head on mine.The flight attendant lady told us to get ready for landing so we sat up and got our carry on stuff.We landed and the lady said it was time to get off the plane so we stood up and walked off.We had a security guard with us his name was George.We walked to the place where we pick up our suitcases and picked them up and then headed for the car waiting for us outside.Surprisingly there was no fans or paparazzi.We got in the car and headed for the hotel.

****40 minutes later****

We arrived at the hotel it was ginormous but was right on the beach and we had a huge room with a balcony facing the beach.We got out of the car and got our luggage and headed for the entrance of the hotel.When we walked inside there weren't many people in the lobby so we were able to walk right up to the desk and get checked in.We got our keys and the bell hop took our luggage and escorted us to our room.Once we walked in the bell hop left and we put our luggage in the bed room of our enormous hotel room.I set my suitcases down on the floor beside the bed and plopped down on the bed.Niall followed my actions.We were laying so that he was on his side and i was on mine and we were facing each other except he was up side down to me and i was upside down to him.He looked at me and i looked at him.

"I'm hungry." Niall states.I laughed.

"Me too." I said.Niall jumped up off the bed and over to my side and put his hand out for me to take.I took it and he pulled me up and dragged me out of the hotel room and out of the hotel and to the rental car waiting for us.

-Tabby's POV-

We have been in Tybee Island for about two hours now and we are just sitting on the couch watching TV.I am so depressed about Dominick leaving.I know i had feelings for him but i thought they were gone.I don't know what to do anymore.I love Dominick and i think i love Louis.Wait i don't think i love Louis,i know i love Louis.What am i saying? Of course i love Louis.I wish i could get over Dominick,but it's just so hard,now i'm in Tybee Island with Louis Tomlinson of One direction and i think i love someone else.Fantastic Tabby look what you do to your self.Damn it why does love have to be so fucking complicated?

"Are you all right love?" Louis asked,pulling me from my thoughts.

"Yeah,i guess." I said kinda sounding pissed off.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing." I said standing up and walking in to the bed room part of the hotel room.I shut the door and plopped on the bed and buried myself in the covers.Wishing i could wake up from this nightmare.I felt something crawl on the bed next to me,and then stop right in front of me i still had the covers over my face so i couldn't see anything but it was obviously Louis.

"Babe,Do you want to talk?" He asked in a calming voice.I just figured if i pretended to be asleep he would go away and i wouldn't have to lie to him about why i was upset.He pulled the covers off of my face but i was pretending to be asleep so he just layed them back and sighed getting comfortable on the bed next to me.This sucks so bad.

-Brittany's POV-

"Babe." I felt someone shake me lightly.I fluttered my eyes open and looked into those beautiful green orbs that were all mine,and smiled.He smiled back."It's time to get off the plane we are in Italy!" He said excitedly.

"REALLY?" I asked getting so excited.He nodded and laughed at my random outburst.I grabbed my stuff and so did he and we headed off of the plane with Paul following.Once we made it to where we had to pick up our luggage,i was surprised to see that there weren't any fans or paparazzi so this just brightened my mood.Paul escorted us to the rental car waiting and we got in and the driver started for our hotel."I'm so excited!"

"Me too,babe." Harry said kissing my forehead.We were already holding hands so it was even more cute.

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