Chapter 33

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I woke up feeling someone shaking me.My eyes fluttered open to see Tabby hovering over me.I playfully slapped her in the face and she gasped and i laughed.

"We are in London." I rolled my eyes and died internally.I do not want to see that fucker.

"Can't you just kill me?" I asked.She rolled her eys and laughed.I stood up and grabbed my stuff and walked off of the plane with her and Elizabeth.We got our suitcases and headed for the front entrance.Once we got there i saw my mom standing there waiting for us.We walked to her and the body gaurds on either side of her took our suitcases and we hoped in the SUV and one of the body gaurd started the car and started to drive to our house.

****30 Minutes later****

We finally arrived at the house and we got out and i grabbed my suitcases and other stuff and walked inside.I walked in the living room to see every one except Hary sitting on the couches.They waved and smiled.I kept my bitch face and walked up stairs.I walked into my room and threw my stuff down i decided i need a break from everyone.I walked to my I pod dock and plugged my I pod in and turned on pandora and "the real slim shady' came on.I laughed and went to my bathroom and turned on the water and got in the shower.After five minutes i got out and walked to my closet.I picked out my lime green tank top that flowed out at the bottom but come up to right at my belly buttonand it had a smiley face on itand it was sticking its toungue out at you and then i put on my faded blue jean skinnys and slipped on my original converse and then walked to my bathroom and blew drie my hair straight.I then put on some make up and then walked into my bed room and put on my grey OBEY hat.I grabbed my phone,purse and keys.I walked out of my room and down the stairs and into the living room.

"Where are you going?" Liam asked.

"A place." I said.

"What place?"Zayn asked.

"A secret place." I said and then walked out of the house.I walked to my jeep and got in i turned it on and pulled out of the drive way.I started to drive for star bucks.Once i got there i hopped out of my jeep and grabbed my phone and purse.I walked inside of the store and up to the counter.

"How may i help you?" A young boy about my age asked.He was very tall and very handosme.

"Umm..can i have a large hot chocolate please?" I said.He nodded.

"So,Why is it that a beautiful young lady like yourself is all alone?" He asked.

"Well,Not that it's any of your concern but,I just broke up with my boyfriend." He turned around handing me my hot chocolate.

"Oh,I'm sorry."

"I'm not,He cheated on me with a hoe."

"Well he is the stupdest person i have ever herd about." I giggled and he chuckled."So,can i get your number,you sound like you could use a new friend." I looked at him skeptically.I gave in at his adorable childish smile.I wrote my number down and handed it to him.He took it and smiled."Your name is Brittany?" He asked i nodded.

"And what is your name?" I asked.He stuck his hand out.

"My name is Jared." I smiled.I shook his hand and smiled.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Jared." I said.He nodded.

"Same with you." I laughed.I felt my phone vibrate and i pulled it ut of my pocket and looked at it.

1 New text message from: Elizabeth

Elizabeth: Hey,Where are you we are going out to dinner.

Me: I'm at star bucks and where are you guys eating?

Elizabeth: Oh.We are going to Nandos,Niall's paying for everyone.

Me: Okay.I will be there in a little bit.

Elizabeth: Okay.

I put my phone back in my pocket and looked at Jared,He had been staring at me.I smiled and he blushed a very deep crimson.I giggled.

"I have to go." I said.He put on a pouty face.

"Wh?" He asked.

"I am going out to dinner with people." I said.He nodded.

"Can i text you?" He asked.

"I gave you my number for a reason didn't I?" He laughed and nodded.IU satretd to walk out of the store.

"Bye." I herd Jared say.

"Bye." I said.I walked outside and to my jeep.I got in and started it up.I started for Nandos.Once i got there i walked inside and looked over the entire resturaunt.I finally saw Zayns hair and i walked over to the table.I noticed that there was someone else.It was Harry how lovley.Note the sarcasm.I sat down inbetween Tabby and Elizabeth.I looked at everyone and they were looking between Harry and I.Harry was sitting right in front of me.I looked at him and he looked at me.I could see the tears in his eyes.I gave him the bitch face and looked at everyone else.

"So have you ordered yet?" I askled.Tabby and Elizabeth were trying not to laugh and everyone else was just shocked that i would act that way to Harry.Liam shook his head.I nodded and looked over the menu.

****1 hour later****

We finished eating and it was time to go.I staretd to walk to my jeep.

"Brittany,can i ride with you there isnt enough room in the other cars."I herd that all to familar deep british voice say.I turned around.

"Why shouldnt i make your ass walk?" I asked.

"Because it's getting cold."

"I think youll be fine."  said walking for my jeep again.

"Please." I stopped and looked at him.

"Whatever,but don't talk." I said he nodded and got in the passenger side.I hopped in and satrted my jeep.I started to drive for our house.We came to a red light.I looked all around except for Harry.

"I really am sorry." I looked at him.

"HA.Sure you are." I said.

"I really am,and i will spend the rest of my life proving to you that i love you."

"So what your saying is you want another chance as in me putting my self in the same damn situation i was in.I think not,I am done with stupid cheaters and guys that play with my feelings.Therefore you sir get no more chances." He looked out the window and the light turned green.

We finally arrived at the house and we got out.We walked up to the front door.He stopped and opened the door for me.I walked in and he followed.I walked in to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and walked up stairs i walked into my room and noticed a few of Harry's things laying on the floor.I grabbed them and walked out of my room and down the stairs i walked into Harry's room and dropped them on the floor.I turned around and walked out of his room and back to my room.I layed on my bed and passed out.

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