Chapter 32

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The elevator door opened and we walked into the lobby.We ran through and straight to Dominick's car.Dominick got in the drivers seat and i got in the passenger while Ryan got in the back.He started the car and we started for the Douglas county police department.

****10 minutes later****

We finally made it.We hoped out and ran inside. Once we got to the front desk the lady smirked.

"Hello miss,Choppy."

"Hey Doris."

"I am assuming your here to pick up Tabitha and Elizabeth?"I nodded and she giggled."Okay let me get the paperwork." I nodded and she handed me the paperwork.I sat down with Ryan and Dominick and started to fill it out i could hear faint screams and someone singing i knew who that was.Tabby and Elizabeth,every time we got arrested we would sit in our cell and scream or sing or both the cops all knew us and some loved us others couldn't wait for us to leave.I finished filling the paper work out and i took it back to Doris.I smiled and handed it to her.She smiled back.

"Go on back there,tell Dave there free to go." I nodded and walked back to where the holding cells were.I walked around the corner and stopped to see my two best friends standing on the hard benches in there cell and they were singing the ninja turtles theme song.I laughed and walked to Dave.

"Hey Dave,Doris said there free to go." He smiled and nodded.}

"Thank you god!" I laughed and he unlocked the cell door and they ran out and hugged Dave.Then they ran to me and hugged me.

"Hey Britt!" They both said.

"Hey!" I said.We started to walk out of the room where the cells were and back to the main office. We said bye to Doris and headed out the door.

"So what did you girls do anyway?" Dominick asked.

"We opened a can of whoop ass on herpes."Tabby said.I laughed.

"Really?" I asked.They nodded.

"She's in the hospital now." Elizabeth said.I hugged them both before we got in the car.We started for the hotel.

"Hey,I don't really want to stay in that hotel anymore." I said.

"Then we can go to my house!" Dominick said.We nodded.W got to the hotel and went straight to Tabby and Dominick's room.We got all of our things and then walked back to the elevator and down to the lobby.We turned in our keys and went to Dominick's car.We got in and headed for his house.

****15 minutes later****

We finally made it to Dominick's house.We got out and grabbed our things.We walked inside and said hey to Dominick's mom and his little siblings.We put our stuff in his room and just started to talk.We were all getting tired and Dominick and Tabby passed out in Dominick's bed and Elizabeth was all snuggled with some blankets on the floor so Ryan and i went up stairs and got some blankets and pillows and he layed on the recliner and i layed on the couch.We sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes until Ryan broke it.

"I'm sorry." I looked at him confused.


"Everything i have ever done to you."

"It's okay."

"No it's not.I know we are never going to get back together and that's fine,but we are still best friends and i felt i needed to apologize for everything i have ever put you through."

"Well,Thanks Ryan,It means allot.And fuck yeah we will always be best friends!"He chuckled a bit.

"Goodnight Britt!" He said yawning.

"Goodnight Ryan!" I said.With that i dozed off.

"BABY WE AINT NOTHING BUT MAMMAL'S,SO LETS DO IT LIKE THEY DO ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!" I fluttered my eyes open to see all of my best friends dancing and screaming the lyrics to 'The bad touch' by the blood hound gang.I giggled and sat up.They all screamed an ran to sit on me.I grunted and they got off.I stood up and walked into Dominick's kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast his mom had made us.I walked into the living room eating and then i sat on the couch.I grabbed my phone as my friends continued to act stupid.I noticed i had one new text message.

one new text message from:Harry

Harry: Brittany,I am so sorry.Please forgive me? I love you!!I really want to be the one!!.

I looked at it and instantly felt a pang in my chest.I rolled my eyes trying not to cry over him.I stood up and started to dance with my crazy friends.

"Don't we have to go get Elizabeth packed?" Dominick asked being the responsible one.

"Yeah." I said.

"Well lets go." He said.We grunted and got dressed for the day.We walked out to Dominick's car and he started for Elizabeth's house.Once we got there we walked up to her front door well Tabby ran and almost face planted her steps by jumping over the wooden things in front of the steps.We laughed and walked into her house we said 'hey' to her family and then packed her stuff in a bunch of boxes and i called the packing company.

****1 Hour later****

The packing people came and they loaded everything on the truck and they were gonna take it to the airport and have it sent to London where we could pick it up when we get back.Once that was done we decided to go out to diner.We arrived at McDonald's and walked inside Tabby,Elizabeth and i ran to the playground while Ryan and Dominick went to order our food.I ran to the little area inside the playground and sat down Tabby and Elizabeth joined me.

"So....." Tabby said.

"Sooooo..." Elizabeth and i said together.

"Dominick and I are together." I threw myself at her and hugged her Elizabeth did the same."Guys....GUYS.." We sat up and looked at her.

"Sorry....CONGRATULATIONS!" I said.She laughed.

"It's okay and thanks!" I nodded and we went to the slide.We slid down to see Ryan and Dominick eating.We ran to the table and sat and ate.

"Hey,can we go somewhere before we go home?" I asked.Dominick nodded.


"My dads grave." He nodded.We finished eating and we walked to his car and got in.We headed down the road and soon made it to my dads grave.We got out and walked to sit down.We all sat down around his grave.

"Hey dad." I said rubbing the grass where he layed six feet under.

"What time are we leaving tommorrow?" Tabby asked.

"2:00 in the morning." I said.She nodded and pouted a bit but layed on Dominick more.

****3 hours later****

We finally left my dads grave and headed back to Dominick's to get packed and ready to go back to London.Once we got back we packed and sat in Dominick's living room.We started to talk and goofing around until it was time for us to leave.

"Well,It's time to go." I said.They nodded and stood up and so did i.

"I am gonna miss this!" Tabby said.

"Me to." I said.We grabbed our things and walked out to Dominick's car.We threw our stuff in the trunk and he started the car and started to drive to the airport.

****1 hour later****

We finally arrived at the airport.Once we got there we got out of the car and grabbed our stuff and walked inside.We walked to our gate and stopped.We grabbed our carry on bags and put the luggage in the luggage place.I hugged Dominick and then Ryan.Elizabeth hugged Dominick and then Ryan as well.Tabby hugged Ryan and then Dominick.She kissed him and we did our'awws' and they flicked us off.We laughed and said bye again and then got on the plain.We sat in our first class seats and i pulled out my phone and put my ear phones in.I turned on 'Oath' By Cher Lloyd.I layed my head down and fell asleep.

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