Chapter 31

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I was woken up by the attendant lady talking throught the intercomb saying that we were fixing to land i sat up and stretched.I looked over to see Harry still asleep.I smiled and pulled out my phone taking a picture of him and got on twitter.

@Brittanychoppy: He is so cute when he sleeps!!!!!!:) @Harrystyles

I attached the picture and sent the tweet.I locked my phone and looked at Harry again.I pushed his arm he didn't budge.I giggled as he made an inhuman snore.I felt my phone start vibrating over and over again i pulled it out and the people on twitter were blowing up my phone.I ignored it and put my attention back on Harry.

"Harry,We just landed get up." I said.He moved a little bit and then his eyes fluttered open he looked at me and smiled.I smiled back and i leaned in and pecked his lips.I pulled away and it was time to get off of the plane i looked to see Tabby like running off of the plane she was really excited about something and then Elizabeth was kinda zombie walking she looked exsausted.I grabbed my carry on and Harry grabbed his and then i grabbed his hand and interwined our fingers and we proceeded off of the plane.Once we got out and walked to where we pick up our luggage.I looked over to where Tabby was running and standing right there in the middle of the airport was Dominick and Ryan.I felt Harry tense as he looked in the direction i was looking.I looked up at him.His jaw was clenched and he had pure hate written all over his face.I leaned up on my tippy toes and kissed him.He calmed down and i stood back on my feet and he smiled at me.

"You have nothing to worry about." I said he smiled and nodded.I giggled and we grabbed our suitcases.We started to walk over to the boys,Elizabeth and Tabby.Once we got over there i let go of Harry's hand and walked to Dominick and hugged him.

"Hey domo!" I said.He hugged me back.

"Hey britt!" He said.I let go and walked to Ryan.I stood there looking at him.He looked back at me i could smell the alcohol on his breath i could feel the tears start to brim my eyes.I leaned up and hugged him he was hesitant but hugged me back.I calmed down and let go.I looked at him one more time and walked back to Harry.His face was full of different emotions.I grabbed his hand and gave him a reasuring squeeze he smiled and we grabbed our stuff and walked out of the airport.We walked out and got into Dominicks car.

**** 1 Hour later****

We finally made it to the hotel.We got out and walked in.We checked in at the front desk and we grabbed our keys.Harry and I walked to the elevator and went to our floor.Once we got there we walked off and went to our room.We walked in and i put my stuff down in our room and looked at Harry.

"I'm gonna go ask Ryan if he wants to get some coffee so we can talk okay?" I said walking closer and wrapping my arms around his torso and putting my head on his chest.He sighed.

"I guess as long as we can hang out just us when you get back and before we have to go get Elizabeth's things." He said.I giggled and nodded.

"Of course!" I said.I stood on my tip toes and pecked his lips.I pulled away and looked into his eyes.

"I love you!" I said.He smiled brightly at my words.

"I love you too,Be careful!" He said.I nodded.

"I will." I turned to walk out of the room as i did i felt a hand smack my butt.I gasped and turned around looking at a laughing Harry i rolled my eyes and turned around and continued to walk out of the room.

"NICE ASS BABE!" I herd him yell from the room as the door shut i rolled my eyes and continued down the hall and into the elevator.I got to the lobby and walked to Ryan.

"Hey,can we go get some coffee?" I asked.He nodded and looked at the ground.We started to walk and soon we were standing in front of starbucks we walked in and i went to the cashier.

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