Chapter 20

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-Harry's POV-

It's just me,Brittany and Taylor.I am so scarred right now.He could like jump me,or something.He just keeps sitting there and starring at me and then Brittany.I am still holding Brittany's hand but he hasn't said anything so i guess it's okay.

"So...."Taylor said trailing off.I shot my head up to look at him.I was fixing to piss myself.

"So...."I said almost mimicking him.He nodded his head and started to tap his fingers on his leg.

"Did you do this to my sister?" He asked i was socked and very pissed that he asked that question.I shook my head.

"No we were at a store and it was being robbed and Brittany was in the bathroom and i didn't want her to walk out and get shot so i crawled to the door and she let me in and i explained everything and she just kinda fell to the floor and stopped breathing." I said he nodded.

"That's good,i thought i would have to beat your pretty boy face in." He said, i almost died.

"Yeah....." I managed to stutter out.He started to laugh.Why was he laughing?Was he laughing at me?

"Wow are you seriously that scarred of me?" He asked.I nodded slightly.

"Well yeah your really fucking intimidating!" He just laughed even more.

"Relax.I'm not gonna hurt you unless you hurt my sister.I actually approve of you......for now so don't screw it up!" I nodded.We sat there in silence for about another hour."I'm hungry!" Taylor said.I nodded.

"Same here!" I said.He nodded.

"What do you want?" He asked.I thought for a second.

"Some chips and a Dr.pepper please."He laughed."Why are you laughing now?" I asked.

"You British people are so polite."I laughed at his comment.He turned and walked out of the room.It was just me and Brittany now.I missed her so much.It's a huge relief that Taylor likes me.Would he let me  marry her?HARRY STOP IT SHE ISN'T READY!!!GET THOSE DAMN THOUGHTS OUT OF YOUR HEAD!!!I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone saying my name."Harry,are you okay?" Taylor asked pulling me from my thoughts.I nodded.

"Yeah just...thinking." I said he nodded.He sat down and handed me my chips and Dr.pepper.I leaned back in my chair and started to eat.He did the same.After i finished my food i layed back in my chair and dozed off.

****Four hours later****

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" I herd a familiar voice scream.I figured i was dreaming so i tried to go back to sleep."HEHEHEHHHEHE MEOW HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!" There it was again."OH MY FUCKING GOD GET YOUR ASSES UP NOW BIOTCHES!" Wait was i dreaming?I fluttered my eyes open and looked around the room and then my eyes landed on the bed.Brittany was sitting up looking at me.I jumped out of my chair and ran to her.I grabbed her in a hug and started to cry.She hugged me back.I pulled away and looked into her beautiful brown orbs that i missed so much.

"Your awake?" I asked.

"Yeah.What happened?"She asked.I explained the whole story to her and she nodded at the end."Wow."


"Why is it that you and my brother are in my hospital room...alone?"I looked over at Taylor he was still sleeping.I got up ignoring Brittany's question and woke him up.He sat up in his chair and rubbed his eyes and put his glasses back on.He looked at me and then at Brittany he started to look at me but then i guess realization hit him and he shot out of his chair and ran to Brittany and tackled her in a hug.

"I missed you!" He said into her shoulder.

"I missed you too...I guess."She said and then laughed at how retarded that sounded.I walked towards the door."Where are you going?" She asked.

"To tell the doctor that your awake."She nodded and i continued out the door.

-Brittany's POV-

" was your's and Harry's night?" I asked awkwardly hoping to get a good answer.

"It was good,I really like him."He did not just say that.

"Really?" I asked he looked at me confused.

"Yeah didn't you want me to like him?"

"Oh yeah of course i just didn't think you would like him."He nodded.

"I really think he's the 'one' for you." He said.

"Yeah......." I said trailing off.

"What's wrong?"



"Okay i don't think he wants to marry me or anything.I mean once i go to college he isn't gonna want anything to do with me." I said.He chuckled and looked down."What?" He looked up.

"He is CRAZY about you!There is no way he would ever leave you."

"Really?Wait how do you know?" I asked confused.

"It's obvious he LOVES you and he wants to be with you for a long time!" I shook my head and looked down."Hey,just don't give up on him."I looked up at my brother and smiled he smiled back.The door opened and in walked Harry and the doctor.The doctor walked over to me and started to check my pulse and everything.Harry walked on the opposite side and grabbed my hand i looked at him and smiled and he smiled back.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too."

The doctor left and came back.This time holding papers.He walked over to me and handed them to me and asked me to sign them they were release forms.I did as i was told and handed them back to the doctor.He took them and looked over them.

"Your free to go Miss.Choppy." He said i nodded and he walked out of the room.I sat up and realized i was in a hospital gown.I looked at my brother and then Harry confused i looked down and then back at Harry.He was blushing like crazy.

"Did you?" I asked.He nodded.

"Alright lets leave." My brother said standing up and handing me my clothes and walking out of the room.I took my clothes and walked to the bathroom.I got dressed and walked out.Harry grabbed my hand and we started to walk out of the room.

****30 minutes later****

We pulled up in front of the house and got out.We walked up to the front door and Harry opened it and walked in,I followed him to the living room.He walked in and everyone jumped up off the couch and then i walked in.I was engulfed in hugs.

"GUYS I CAN'T BREATH!" I screamed everyone except for Tabby and Elizabeth let go.I looked at them still attached and shook my head.I wrapped my arms around them and hugged them back.

"We missed you Britt!" They both said at the same time.

"I missed you too!" I said they let go."I'm going to take a shower and then i'm going to bed.I'm tired."I said.They nodded and i turned and walked out of the room.I started up the stairs but stopped when i herd giggles and feet stomping behind me.I turned around and there was no one.I just turned back around and headed up the stairs.I made it to my room i got some PJ shorts and a tank top i then walked into the bathroom.I got in the shower and stayed in for about five minutes.I got out and got dressed.I walked out of my bathroom and over to my bed.I rolled my eyes at the sight."What are you two doing in my bed?" I asked Tabby and Elizabeth who were all snuggled in my blankets with a space in the middle.

"We are gonna sleep with you." Tabby said.Elizabeth nodded.I rolled my eyes Elizabeth patted the empty spot in the middle and i hopped in.

"Goodnight guys I love you!" I said.

"night we love you too!" They both said at the same time.With that i dozed off.

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