Chapter 47

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I woke up to my alarm clock going off.I sat up and turned it off.It was 7:30 in the morning and the appointment is at 9:00.I looked at Harry.He looked so bad i have to ruin it....I pushed him.He didn't budge.

"Harry." I said.Nothing."Harry!" I said a little louder."HAROLD!" I yelled,he jumped and fell off of the bed.I laughed and he stood up and looked at me.

"What's wrong?" He asked.I just giggled.He shook his head and crawled next to me.He kissed my cheek and i looked at him.

"We have to get ready for the appointment!" I said.He shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom.I just laughed harder.I herd the water turn on.I got up and walked into the bathroom.He was stripping.I bit my lip and he looked at me.

"Are you coming?" He asked.I nodded.I walked in and started to get undressed.I got in the shower with him and started to wash my hair and body.He did the same.We got out and got our towels.I walked to my closet and he walked to his bag.I walked in i grabbed some nice blue jean pregnant people pants and a strapless shirt that flowed out at my bust.I put on a cute jacket that buttoned up..but of course me being fat i cant button them....anyway..I slipped on some flats and walked back into my bathroom.I did my makeup and did my hair curly and straightened my bangs.I sprayed some perfume on and walked out and to my bed side table.I grabbed my purse and phone.Harry grabbed his phone,wallet and my keys.We walked out of my room and out of the flat.We made it to the lobby and we walked outside to my car.Harry got in the driver seat and i got in the passenger seat.He started the car and we pulled out of the parking lot.I handed him the directions and he put them in the GPS.

****30 minutes later****

We pulled up to the doctors office.We got out and i walked over to Harry.He put his hand in mine and we walked inside.I walked up to the desk.

"Hi,How may i help you?" The lady asked.

"Um,Were here for an ultra sound."I said.She nodded.

"What's the name?"

"Brittany choppy." I said.She typed it in and nodded.

"Here is some paperwork fill it out and bring it back to me,then we will get you in." She said.I nodded and grabbed the paper work.We walked to some chairs and sat down.I filled it out and took it back to her.

****5 minutes later****

"Miss,Choppy." The lady called.We stood up and walked to the door.We followed the lady to a room with a table and machine thing.The room was kinda dark.The doctor instructed me to lay down on the table and i did.Harry sat in the chair next to the table.The doctor sat down on the spinny chair thing and got some gooey stuff out and told me to lift my shirt.I did and he squirted the stuff on.He then got this weird tool thing and started to move it around my stomach.A few minutes pasted by and we herd a little heart beat.I started to tear up i looked at Harry to see the tears rolling down his face.I squeezed his hand and he calmed down a bit.I looked at the doctor.

"It sounds healthy.....Are you ready to find out what it is?" He asked.I looked at Harry and he nodded.I nodded and he moved it again."Congratulations,You are having a baby girl." When he said that i started to ball.I herd the loud sobs come from Harry.I looked at him ad he had the biggest smile on his face.We looked back to the doctor,he was smiling."You guys are free to go now,you can pic up the pictures from the front desk,if you want copies please ask the nurse at the desk and she will get them for you." He said.I nodded.He wiped the stuff off of my stomach and i fixed my self so did Harry.We walked out of the room hand in hand.We walked to the desk and the lady looked at us.

"Can we get the ultra sound pictures and about 11 copies?" I asked.She nodded.I looked at Harry and he pecked my lips.

"I am so happy." He said.I nodded.

"Me to." The lady came back and handed me and envelope and we thanked her.We walked out and back to my car.We got in and i opened the envelope.I looked through the pictures balling my eyes out.Harry teared up quite a few times.We pulled up to a red light and i looked at Harry.

"How are we gonna tell everybody?" I asked.

"We could have everyone meet and my mum's house and i can call and ask her to make a big dinner." Harry suggested.I nodded.

"Alright,call her." I said.He nodded and pulled out his phone.

**** 10 minutes later****

"What did she say?" I asked once he hung up the phone.

"She said it's fine and she is excited to hear the news." He said.I nodded.Once we made it back to my Flatt we got out of my jeep and walked inside.We walked to my room.I sat on the bed and so did Harry.

"Babe,I think we should get our own place." Harry said.I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Harry,You are on tour right now,I'm pregnant,I don't want to be anymore alone." I said.He sighed.

"I know,But like maybe in these few days that i have for break,We can go look at houses for when i get home for know just so we know the baby has a stable environment when she comes home from the hospital." He said.

"I guess it couldn't hurt..........but i want a big kitchen..." I said.He chuckled.

"Whatever you want."I laughed and pecked his lips.I pulled away and looked at him."So we start house hunting tomorrow?" He said.I rolled my eyes.

"Sure." I said.He jumped up and did a happy dance.I rolled my eyes again.He laughed."Okay,now go get me cookie!" I said.He laughed and walked out of the room.He came back a minute later with two cookies.He handed me one and started to eat the other one.I ate mine and looked at him.

"What time are we going to your moms?" I asked.

"We are supposed to be there at like 2:00.......Do you want to leave now?" He asked.

"Don't we have to tell everyone else that there supposed to go to your moms house?" He nodded.

"I will text everyone." He said.I nodded and he pulled out his phone and started to type a message.

"Let's leave now....i will drive so you can text." I said.He nodded and we stood up.I grabbed my purse,phone and keys.We walked out of my flat and to my car.I got in the driver seat and Harry got in the passenger seat.He was still on his phone.I pulled out of the parking lot and started for Harry's mom's house.

****45 minutes later****

I pulled into Harry's mom's driveway and we got out.We walked up to the door and Harry walked in and i followed.His mom greeted us instantly.It was almost like she was watching outside until we got there.

"So when is everyone gonna be here?" She asked.

"Harry told them when to come so i'm not sure." I said.She nodded.Harry walked into the living room to see his step dad and i followed his mom into the kitchen.I started to help her cook.

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