Chapter 23

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We finally arrived at the hotel.I got out of the rental car and Harry and Paul followed.We got all of our luggage and headed inside.This hotel is beautiful i pulled out my phone and took a picture of the lobby it had flowers everywhere it was so gorgeous.

"Babe are you coming?" Harry asked pulling me out of my daze.

"Yeah,sorry it's just so...." I said trailing off." Beautiful." I said.

"Like you." Harry said grabbing my hand and pulling me with him into the elevator.I blushed and looked down.We got to our floor and got out of the elevator and headed for our room.Once we got to our room Harry unlocked it and i ran in dropping my stuff at the door entrance for Harry to deal with.I ran into the living room part it was huge and just as beautiful as the lobby.It had a ginormous balcony with a jacuzzi and places to sit like a table with two chairs.I ran to the bed room and seen the huge king sized bed in the middle and a big glass window looking out onto the beautiful little streets of Italy.This is the most amazing hotel i have ever stayed in.I herd someone come in to the bed room and then it sounded like they had just fallen so i turned around.Harry was on the ground on his stomach with all of our luggage around or under him.I started to laugh so hard i was crying.

"Oh you think that's funny huh?" Harry said standing up.I nodded but continued to laugh. didn't realize Harry had started to walk towards me until i was thrown over his shoulder and he was running out of the bed room and through the living room and on to the balcony.

"PUT ME DOWN!" I demanded.He just shook his head and laughed."WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?"I asked as we approached the jacuzzi.He laughed once again.The last thing i new i was soaking wet and in the jacuzzi while Harry fell to the floor in a fit of laughter.I climbed out of the jacuzzi and started at Harry,when he realized i was coming for him he jumped up and started to run but i was faster and i tackled him to the ground."Now apologize!" I demanded.

"No." He said.




"NOOOOO." He said this time like a child.

"Okay i guess Harry doesn't get anything tonight." I said standing up and starting for the bathroom.

"OKAY,Okay,I'm sorry Britt i shouldn't of thrown you into the jacuzzi."He said standing up and walking over to me.I smiled when he stopped in front of me he did the same.He leaned down to kiss me but i ran away to the bed room.He groaned and chased after me.I ran to my suitcase to find something to change into.When i finally made it to my suitcase Harry had entered the room and was coming at me.

"WAIT." I said standing up from my squatting position in front of my suitcase and turned to face Harry who stopped immediately.

"What?" He whined.

"Are we going anywhere today?" I asked so i would know what kinda clothes i needed to change into.

"DDUUHHHHH." He said.I nodded.He leaned down and wrapped his arms around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck,he leaned in closer and closed the space between our lips.About a minute later i pulled away.He whined once again.But we were still wrapped in each others arms.

"Where are we going today?" I questioned.

"Where ever you want to go babe,as long as i'm with you i'm happy." He said.I almost started crying it was so sweet.I stood on my tippy toes and pecked his lips softly before placing my feet back on the ground.He smiled and so did i.We let go of each other and we both went to our suitcases to find something to where.I picked out a see through blue button up shirt so when you button all of the buttons its a v neck a, black tank top and my American flag skinny jeans the right pants leg is the stars and the left side is the stripes but the pants are all gray and white and some original converse.I got changed and so did Harry after i was finished i walked into the bathroom and put on some light makeup and straightened my hair.Once i was finished i walked out to find Harry sitting on the bed looking all hot with his Ramon's t-shirt and skinny jeans and beanie.I almost died when he looked up from his phone and smiled at me.I just stood there with a really idiotic smile on my face.I was thinking about what i would and can do to that boy.

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