Chapter 9

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We both layed back on the bed panting.We layed there for a while until Harry's phone started to ring.He rolled over and picked it up off the bed side table and looked at the caller ID.

"UUUGGGHHHHH" He screamed.

"Who is it?" I asked looking at him he looked over at me.


"Answer it.I guess."He answerd his phone and started to pull it away from his ear as soon as Finn started to talk..... well scream.

"OKAY CALM DOWN!" Harry screamed in to the phone."We are on our way home now!" He said before hanging up the phone.He turned to look at me.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"Finn wants us........ well you home now!"

"Wow. Okay i guess lets go." I said and stood up and put my clothes back on Harry did the same. I walked over to the other side of the bed and startred for the door until Harry caught up with me and grabbed my hand and we walked out of the hotel room together and down the hall to the elavator.The doors opened and we stepped in the doors closed behind us.When the elavator doors open we walked out and returned the key and left. We hoped in Harry's car and started to drive home. We sat in comfortable silence on the short ride home.Once we pulled up Harry turned off the car and looked at me and leaned in he kissed me lightly but lovingly.

"I love you." He said pulling away and getting out of the car i got out and he walked over to me and intertwined our fingers.

"I love you too." I said looking up at him and then back it front of me.We walked up to the front door he opened it and walked in.When we walked in Finn,my mom Tabby, Elizabeth,Dominick all the one direction boys( except for Harry) and Janna were sitting on the couches in the living room. They all looked at us and Finn stood up and had a face full of different emossions.He walked over and started to smell us. He looked down at us.

"You guys reak of sex." He said backing up a bit.Me and Harry looked at eachother and then i turned my head and looked at the ground blushing.Harry looked back at my step dad and smiled.But Finn wasnt smiling.

"EEEWWWYYYYYYYY!" Tabby screamed. I looked up at her and glared.My mom stood up and walked over to me and started to inspect my clothes and my hair and Harry's stuff too. She stopped stepped back and looked at us her eyes started to water.

"Did you guys?" She said almost whispering. I nodded and Harry sqeezed my hand tighter.My mom started to full on cry.After she calmed down she looked at Harry."Did you use protection?"

"Yes mam i did." He said my mom nodded and put on a small smile and then walked out of the room and up the stairs to her room. I looked at Harry and he smiled and i did the same and we walked in the living room the rest of the way and sat down on a couch that hadnt been occupied already.


"So.....You guys did the nasty?" Elizabeth asked.Everyone looked at her like she was retarted.

"Hun.....did you miss the part where Finn said 'you reak of sex'?" Niall asked raising one eyebrow.

"I just wanted to make sure." She said looking at her hands.We all just laughed at her.

"SSSOOOOOOOO..........How was it?" Louis asked. We looked at him and i just shook my head in disbeleif.

"LOU!!!!!! DONT ASK THAT!" Liam screamed. Harry just laughed and looked down.

"Sorry...... i was just curious."

"IM HUNGRY!" Elizabeth screams out of no where. Niall smiles and looks at her.

"Thats my girl!"He said.She stood up and walked towards the kitchen Niall follwed her.

"Well im worn out!" Harry said looking at me with a cheeky grin.

"I wonder why?" Tabby asked sarcastically.Harry stood up and laughed and looked at me.

"Are you coming love?"

"Yes!"I said satnding up and grabing his hand and we walked up stairs to his room.We walked in and he shut the door. "I need some pjs."

"I have something you can wear."

"I can walk up to my room."

"NO.....I mean your probly sore." He said smiling and looking at me.

"SUURREEE thats the reason. Just give me somthing to wear"

"HEY."He said grabbing a shirt and throwing at me. I picked it up and looked at it it was big but i didnt mind it was a black' Ramones' t shirt to take off my clothes and nottice that Harry is staring at me so i stop after i take my shirt off.

"What the hell are you looking at?"

"My gorgous girlfriend." I blushed a little and then walked over to him and leaned down where he was sat on the bed and pecked his lips. I stood back up and continued to strip. i put on his shirt and hopped in his bed and yawned. He crawled up next to me and layed on his side behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him and i snuggled into him more. Soon we were both fast asleep.

-Elizabeths POV-

"IM HUNGRY!" I yelled standing up and started to walk to the kitchen.

"Thats my girl!" I herd Niall say behind me i smiled and blushed a little. OMG he called me his girl!!!!!When we got into the kitchen i walked straight to the fridge and opened the door. I looked in slighlty bending over i felt a pair of arms wrap aroumd my waist and then someone rubbed up against me.I know who that is. Niall. I stood up straight pulling out a peice of watermelon.I turned around still in his arms i looked him in the eyes and then pecked his lips and released my self from his grip and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to my room. I walked in making sure i locked the door. I walked over to my bed and opened my laptop.I logged on and went to the internet and got on the college i have been looking at except this one is in london its the central school for speech and drama at the university of london. I want to be an actress.Tabby and Brittany think that im going back home in a month to go to college but im trying to get into this college to be closer to them and it seems like an amazing college, they dont know yet tho im not going to tell them unless i get in.I got an email from the head principal of the college. it said:

Dear miss,olson

        We have read over your application and you have been chosen out of 40 other students to be accepted in this college. School starts in one month please come prepared if you are planning on living on campus then please come to our campus next monday to find your doorm.If you are planing on livving off campus then makesure you live within a 30 minute range so we dont have any complications during school.

congradulations, Welcome to the central school of speech and drama at the university of london.


Jake barnes

Jake barnes is the head principal of the school. Omg i was excepted i have to go tell Tabby and Brittany but wait i have to do it in a special way but how?

A/N: Sorry school started today it was so stressful my classes are like all across the school it sucks. I hate highschool!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will try to update as much as i used to but no promises. love you and thanks for reading. Tell me what ya think.

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