Chapter 15

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-Elizabeth's POV-

When we got back to the hotel Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction of the hotel.What was he up to?

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.He looked at me and then smiled and looked back in front of us.Did he not just here me?"

"Hello?" I asked looking at him and stopping in my tracks.He kept on trying to pull me but i was not planning on moving until he told me where we were going.

"Come on." He said.

"Not until you tell me were we are going!" I stated but when i said that he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started to walk again.I started to beat on his back."NIALL JAMES HORAN PUT ME DOWN NOW!" I screamed.He just kept on walking, after about five minutes of me beating and screaming he finally stopped and put me down.I turned around and noticed we were standing in front of Nandos."Why are we at Nandos?" I asked.

"Because we are on a date." He said smiling like an idiot. I smiled and mentally fangirled a bit.

"Why didn't you tell me you were taking me on a date?" I asked.He grabbed my hand and pulled us inside completely ignoring my question.I just gave up.We walked up to the front desk thing.

"Hello and welcome to Nandos!" A young boy around the same age as Niall and i said.

"Hi reservations for Horan." Niall said.I probably had the weirdest look on my face because i had been smiling so much.OMG HE MADE RESERVATIONS!!!!!I was pulled out of my thoughts when Niall started to pull my hand again.We followed the young boy who i have just discovered his name is Chad.We sat down at our table and Chad handed us menus. Everything looked amazing and i wanted it all but that would not be lady like bad Elizabeth.Okay your allowed to have half the menu. STOP IT TUMMY! Damn that thing just don't listen.Okay i wi---. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Niall.

"COUGH COUGH!" He said more like yelled.I looked up from my menu and gave him a confused look.

"What is your issue?" I asked. He just chuckled and looked back at his menu."Hello what is your issue?"

"Sorry love you were just sitting there mumbling something about your tummy and half the menu and people started to stare at you funny." He said. I looked around at all the people giving me weird looks.

"What the piss are you looking at i'm hungry and i like to talk to myself.Is there a problem? No didn't think so!" I said still looking at the people.They just gave me dirty looks and continued on with what they are doing.I looked back at Niall and he had a shocked expression on his face."What?" I asked.

"I didn't know you could do that!" He said.I giggled.

"Sorry, but you don't know allot of things!" I said. He smiled.

"Well then i guess we need to spend more time together!" He said.

"I guess so!" I said.Chad walked back over to us.

"Are you ready to order?" He asked looking at us both.We nodded and told him what we wanted.Niall ended up getting like the whole menu and he needed help finishing so i helped.YAY.My tummy is very happy.We finished eating and walked out after paying.

"Where are we going now?" I asked.He smiled and kept walking."Okay i don't want to know.but please give me a piggy back ride there my feet hurt." He stopped and bent down i hopped on his back and he started to walk again.After about a fifteen minute walk we stopped in front of a movie theater and i hopped down."Were going to watch a movie?" I asked.Wow i must have sounded completely blond just then.No your standing in front of a movie theater to lick fat people. I was pulled out of my thoughts again by Niall laughing."What are you laughing at?" I asked. He calmed down and looked at me.

"Babe, your were mumbling again." He said and then started to laugh again.I rolled my eyes and he grabbed my hand and we walked to the front counter and got our tickets. We headed to our theater witch was theater four. We walked in and there was no body there.Why? I thought everyone loved Marley and me? Apparently not. Douches! We walked until we were siting in the middle and we sat down in our seats.And of course there was already popcorn and all sorts of candy waiting for us. I reached over and grabbed a snickers from the box next to me and started to eat it. The movie started and me and Niall started to get closer and closer.When the movie ended i noticed i was crying like a baby.But i wasn't the only one Niall was balling. AAWWW THAT'S SO CUTE!I leaned over and wrapped my arms around him.He wrapped his arms around me and we sat there crying into each others shoulders for about five minutes.When we decided we had cried enough we got up and started to walk out of the movie theater.When we got outside there was a limo waiting and Paul and Jim were standing out side the door. Paul opened it and i got in Niall followed. Jim and Paul went back to the front of the limo.We talked the whole way back to the hotel about little things or about each other.But i enjoyed every minute of it.When we pulled up out side of the hotel Paul opened the door once again and we got out It was dark now. We walked up the stairs and into the hotel lobby.We went to the elevator and got in.Once we were at our floor we got off and headed to our room Niall opened the door and we walked in. "So what do you want to do now?" You.Bad Elizabeth no no. Don't think that way.

"Uuummmm..........I don't know!What is there to do?" I asked. Still thinking nasty.

"We could order room service." He said.Damn that boy could eat but i was hungry to so i nodded and he jumped with joy all the way to the hotel phone and called room service.

"What now?" I asked sitting on the couch.He sat down next to me.

"We could go chill with the others after we eat."

"Yeah,but what if there sleeping." I said but then me and Niall both started to laugh.

"Yeah sure there asleep!" Niall said i laughed harder just then there was a knock on the door and Niall jumped up and instantly got serious before darting to the door and opening it and jumping around like a little kid on Christmas morning.I got up and started to walk over to the door but was pushed out of the way when Niall came running past me with the tray of candy and cake and some cookies.

"Niall!" I said. He stopped devouring the cookies in his hands and looked at me all innocently and cute.He reached out a hand that contained a half eatin cookie and opened his eyes all big.Was he offering me food? Aww he is so sweet."Thank you!" I said taking the cookie and sitting down next to him on the floor in front of the coffee table and the couch. After we finished eating we got up and started to walk towards Brittany and Harry's room.We stopped at the door because we didn't have a key.Right as Niall was going to knock we herd a no no bad noise come from Brittany.My mouth fell open and i just put my hands in the air and walked the other direction.Niall followed he looked a little creeped out.We walked to Tabby and Louis room.We knocked and a minute later a tired Louis answered the door.

"Hey." Niall said.

"Hi,what are you guys doing here?" Louis asked.

"Well we were gonna go to Brittany and Harry's room but they were kinda...uumm..busy." Niall said.Looking at the ground.Louis laughed a little before getting serious again.

"Okay well i'm going back to bed you two should get to sleep to we have to get up quite early in the morning for the wedding." He said.We nodded and then headed back for our room.When we got in there i went straight to the bathroom and got in the shower.About five minutes later i got out and got dressed in my PJ's.I walked out of the bathroom and looked on the bed Niall was out cold.He was shirtless and in his boxers.That was hot.I crawled into bed next to him and snuggled against his warm body and he immediately wrapped his arms around me and i felt unbelievably comfortable.I fell asleep super fast after that.

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