Chapter 44

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I woke up to my alarm clock going off.I sat up and looked around.I start college today.....Yay....note the sarcasm.I got up and walked into my bathroom.I started the water and let it get hot.I stripped and got in.I did my stuff and got out.I walked to my closet and walked in.I put my blue jean skinnys on and then put a black tank top on.I put on my 'love pink' Black and white hoddie.I slipped on my white all star converse and walked into my bathroom.I blew dry my hair straight and put on my silver hoop earrings.I did my make up and sprayed some perfume on.I walked back into my room and grabbed my Abercrombie and Fitch book bag and put it on i grabbed my purse,my phone and my keys.I walked out of my room and into the kitchen,Tabby and Elizabeth were sitting at the table eating bowls of cereal.I walked to the table and sat my stuff down.I made myself a bowl of captain crunch and started to eat.

"So...You guys ready?" I asked.

"Yeah." Tabby said.

"Sure." Lizzy said.I finished eating and put my bowl in the sink.I grabbed my stuff and the girls followed my actions.Tabby and i have all of our classes together and Lizzy has her classes like in the building next to ours.

"Are we taking seperate cars or what?" I asked.

"We can drive separately." Tabby said.I nodded.I got in my jeep and put on my sunglasses.I started my jeep and pulled out of the parking lot.I drove down the road until i made it to the star bucks.I got out and walked inside.I walked to the counter and stopped.I was looking at the menu when i felt two arms wrap around my waist from behind.I screamed and started to slap and kick the person.I turned around with my eyes closed.

"BRITTANY,calm down babe it's me." I herd Harry's voice say.My eyes shot open and i looked at him.

" scared the shit out of me..don't do that!" I said.He laughed."That's not funny,now buy me a hot chocolate i have class in like thirty minutes." I said.He nodded.He walked in front of me and ordered something for me and him.He handed me my hot chocolate.

"Why are you at star bucks anyway?" I asked.

"Because we have an interview in like an hour." I nodded.

"Well i got to go." I said.He nodded.He hugged me and pecked my lips.

"I love you."

"I love you to." I said.I walked out of the star bucks and to my jeep i got in and started for my college.Once i got there i got out and grabbed my stuff.I walked inside and found my first class.I walked inside the classroom to see Tabby sitting at a table that you would see in a lab room.I walked over to her and sat down.I looked at her.

"Oh no i don't want a hotchocolate or anything." She said sarcastically.

"Your the one who wanted to drive in seperate cars." I said.She shrugged.I laughed.She took my hotchocolate and started to drink it.When she was done she threw the empty cup away and sat back down next to me.The professer walked in.

"Hello class,I'm professor Richardson." She said.She began with the lesson.Once class was over Tabby and I stood up and walked out of the class room.We started to walk to our next class.

****4:00 in the afternoon****

We walked out to our cars.I got in my jeep and Tabby got in her 1969 Dodge charger.I started my jeep and pulled out of the parking lot.Tabby followed.Once we made it back to the flat.Lizzy pulled up.She hoped out and walked to us.

"How was you guys' first day of college?" She asked.

"It was okay." I said.Tabby agreed.How was yours?" I asked as we walked into the elevator.

"AMAZING!" She said a little to excitedly.

"You weren't that enthusiastic this morning." I said.

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