Chapter 17- The wedding part 2:

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When i got in the limo i saw that my mom and everyone was already in there.I looked around and observed what everyone looked like.My mom was in her beautiful wedding dress of course and she had her hair done up all pretty like,next to her was Janna,she was wearing her cute flower girl dress and her hair was down and straight.Next was Danielle she had on a beautiful red dress that was strapless and went to the knee,it had a sweetheart neckline and her hair was down and straight as well.Next to her was Perrie she had the same dress that Danielle had on and her hair was the same they both looked great.After her was Elizabeth she was wearing the brides maids dress that we had picked out a while ago and she got her hair died blond on top in the middle was some brown and under that was purple the same color on the band of her dress and the same color as her shoes and it was straight.Then it was Tabby she had on her dress that we picked out and her hair was curled.We all looked amazing.

"Are you ready?" I asked my mom.

"Yeah,i am so excited!" She said.

"I'm glad and i'm happy for you guys!" She smiled and then the limo stopped it kinda scarred me because i'm like on the edge so that was to fast of a stop.The limo driver opened up the door and we all started to pile out.When my mom got out last i walked to her and hugged her.

"I love you." I whispered to her.I pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

"I love you too." She said.I nodded and walked back to my position.The wedding instructor lady came out and put us where we were supposed to be.When it was time we started to walk in leaving my mom behind.When i started to walk down the aisle i saw Finn and the boys standing up on the alter.My eyes met Harry's gaze and he was just starring at me with such intensity i felt a little uncomfortable.I looked back in front of me i made it to the alter so i stood in my spot.I looked at Finn who was also looking at me.I waved a little and mouthed 'I love you' to him and he looked taken aback i had never said that to him before and actually meant it.I could see his eyes start to water but before he could start crying we herd the little here comes the bride song and he mouthed i love you too back. I nodded and we both looked down the aisle.My mom walked around the corner to the alter and i was getting emotional.Once she got up to the alter i couldn't hold it in i started to cry but i kept my sobs quiet while they said there vows and everything.

"Finn you may now kiss your bride." The preacher dude said. I started to cry even more.When they were finished and started to walk down the aisle again this time together.I looked over and saw Harry walking towards me.I started towards him and we met in the middle.I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned down and kissed me when we pulled back he grabbed my hand and we walked to where everyone else was which was where the cars were that were taking everyone to the reception.Me and Harry walked to the limo that was directly behind my mom's and Finn's.We got in and Jalysa,Taylor,Tabby,Dominick,Elizabeth,Danielle,Perrie and all of the other one direction boys.We sat down in the hummer limo and i looked at Taylor he was starring at Harry.I looked at Harry,he looked kinda scarred.

"WHAT A LOVELY DAY IT IS!" Tabby yelled.I guess she saw what was going on.

"SO BEAUTIFUL,HI MISTER SUN!" Elizabeth yelled.I don't think she knew why Tabby said that but she just went along with it.I laughed a little and then looked back at Taylor.He leaned over and stuck his hand out for Harry to shake.Harry looked at his hand and then at Taylor he slowly reached out his hand and shook my brother's hand.Harry looked like he was gonna piss himself.

"So hows college Taylor?" I said trying to get him not to break my boy toys hand.He pulled his hand back and looked at me before settling in his seat again.

"It's good.You guys start college in a couple weeks right?" He asked.I nodded.

"I didn't know you were going to college?" Harry asked more than stated.I nodded and looked at him.

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