Chapter 45

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I woke up to my alarm clock.I sat up and looked at my phone.No texts no missed calls nothing.I sat it down and walked to my closet.I walked in and looked around.I put my Burgundy TOMS sweater on and then put some black skinnys on.I slipped on some light brown UGG boots i walked into my bathroom and pulled my hair into a messy but decent looking bu.I put on a white scarf and i did my makeup.I grabbed my book bag,purse and keys.I walked out of my room and into the living room.I seen that the girls were already ready and getting ready to leave.

"Hey." Tabby said.

"Hi." I said.I am really depressed,i just can't get my head around Harry not being with me during the pregnancy.

"You okay?" Lizzy asked.I nodded.They nodded and walked out.I followed locking the door.Once we got to the cars i got in my Jeep and drove off.I pulled up to the school and walked to my class.


School is finally over and i walked out of my last class with Tabby.I rushed to my car and got in.I pulled my phone out of my purse and looked at it.

Nothing.I immediately started to cry.Maybe i just need to give him a little more time.I calmed down and started my Jeep.I started down the road.I pulled up to star bucks.I walked inside and got a hot chocolate i walked out and got in my jeep.I decided to go somewhere peaceful.I drove to the nearby park/garden thing.I got out and walked to a bench.I sat down.I looked at all the happy family's,the complete family's with a mom and a dad.Then there were the mom's that were alone with their child.You could see the hurt on their faces.Like a part of them were missing.I don't want to be that way.I want to be complete.I felt my phone buzz so i pulled it out of my pocket.I unlocked it to see that i had a text.

1 new text message from: Harry:)

Harry: Hey babe!

Me: Hey!!!!:)

Harry: How was your day?

Me: Okay....Yours?

Harry: It was good...tiering....and i got to go babe.....sorry...I love you!!!

Me:Okay...I love you too.

I put my phone away and stood up.I walked back to my jeep.I got in and sighed.I started it and drove off down the road.Once i made it to mine and the girls' flat i walked in and got to our floor.I walked to our flat door.I walked in and went to the kitchen.The girls were sitting at the table doing something for school.I walked to the fridge and grabbed an ice cream cone.I walked to the table and sat down.They looked at me.

"Hey." They said.

"Hey." I said.

"Where did you go?" Tabby asked.

"The park." I said.She nodded.

"Have you herd from Harry?" Lizzy asked.I nodded.

"That's good."

"Sure,because three messages from him is good enough." I said.I layed my head down with both my arms extended out on the table.I felt someone rubbing my back then someone took my ice cream out of my hand.I looked up to see Lizzy eating my ice cream.I rolled my eyes and stood up.I snatched my ice cream away from her and licked it.I walked out of the kitchen and into my room.I walked over to my bed and sat down.My phone vibrated so i pulled it out of my pocket.

1 New text message from: Liam

Liam: Harry misses you.

Me: Why couldn't he text me for longer?

Liam: He had to fill out paper work and sign stuff.I am done with my paper work so i figured id tell you that because he won't shut up about you or the baby.

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