Chapter 6

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I woke up on the couch in Harry's arms. He was so comfortable.I tried to get up but his grip around my waist only got tighter,i tried once more still no luck so i decided to pry him off of me. I finally got out of his arms. I stood up and walked to the kitchen and got some bread and popped it in the toaster and grabbed the nutella out of the cabinet. As soon as my toast popped up i grabbed it and slathered a shit load of nutella on on it. I then walked back into the living room no one was awake so i decided to sit on the floor in front of the couch wear Harry and i slept. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to sesame street and waited for Elmo's world. Once it came on i belted out the lyrics to my favorite TV show.


"What the fuck?" Niall asks out of no where so i jump and scream a little bit. I look at Niall and my heart beat went normal again i put my hand over my chest.

"You scared the piss out of me Niall Jesus!"I say in a whisper yell voice.

"And you scared me who the hell watches Elmo besides three year olds?" He says looking at me raising an eyebrow.Oh no he just did not that bitch is going down! I stand up and walk towards him all slow like and then i run once i get to him he is already trying to run away but i tackle his ass to the ground.






"THEN I'M NOT GETTING OFF OF YOU!" Just then Finn walked down the steps and kinda looked at us funny and then see that Elmo's world was on the TV and he smirked a little. He walked over to where we were on the ground and he knelt down next to Niall.

"Words of advice don't make fun of the girl or Elmo. I pray for you." Finn said and then walked into the kitchen laughing. Not long after Elizabeth walked in with a confused look on her face then she looked at us and her eyes went wide. The rest of the boys ,Tabby and Dominick all showed up and just stood there looking at us and then laughed except for Elizabeth.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO HIM?" She yelled running over to us.

"HE SAID THAT ONLY THREE YEAR OLDS ARE SUPPOSED TO WATCH ELMO!" I yelled back. She stopped and fell to the floor laughing.

"CAN SOME ONE GET HER OFF OF ME PLEASE!?" Niall screamed from unsheathe me. Harry ran over and picked me up off of Niall and i crossed my arms and i frowned Harry took me and placed me on the couch. He leaned in to kiss me but i turned my head away still frowning and crossing my arms. He attempted it again but i just did the same thing. I could tell he was getting impatient so he picked me up and set me in his lap wear i was looking directly at his face. I was still frowning and my arms were still crossed so he took and pry-ed my arms open and put my arms around his neck i was still frowning he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer and then placed a light kiss on my lips i was still frowning but i still felt the sparks when our skin touched. He looked at me and he kinda looked hurt i started to feel bad. So i started to smile and then he smiled and he leaned in and he kissed me this time i kissed back! We sat there almost snogging when i herd someone running.

"EEEWWW MY EYES!" Louis screamed running out of the room.

"What happened lou?" I hear Tabby ask.

"THERE MAKING BABIES IN THERE!" Everyone laughed when me and Harry pulled apart we just sat there breathing heavily and staring into each others eyes. Until someone walked in and coughed.

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