Chapter 42

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-Harry's POV still-

"We need to talk." They said at the same time.I was terrified.I nodded.

"So,you got our best friend pregnant." Tabby said.I nodded.

"Are you gonna take care of her and that baby?" Lizzy asked looking into my soul.I nodded.

"ANSWER US WHEN WE ASK YOU A QUESTION,BITCH." Tabby yelled.I jumped a bit.I nodded.She brought her hand back like she was gonna slap me so i closed my eyes.

"TABITHA HORTON!" Brittany said walking into the kitchen.I jumped out of the chair and over to her.I hid behind her.

"Yes?" Tabby asked innocently.

"Were you going to bitch slap my boyfriend?" I asked.She looked down.Brittany shook her head and grabbed my hand.She pulled me out of the kitchen and into her room.She walked to the bed and layed down i shut the door and locked it because i am terrified that Tabby and Lizzy are gonna kill me.I got changed into my pajamas and crawled in the bed with her.I pulled her close to my chest and fell asleep.

-Brittany's POV-

I woke up to someone singing in my bathroom.It was definitely Harry.I herd the shower running to.I got up gently and walked into my bathroom.I opened the curtain and looked at my boyfriends naked ass.I smirked and he turned around really fast.

"You like what you see?" He asked.I nodded.He laughed.

"What time are we going to your family's house today?" I asked.He shrugged.I nodded and put the curtain back i got undressed and stepped in the shower with him.He wrapped his arms around me and smiled at me.I smiled back.

"Your gonna be an amazing mommy." He said.

"Your gonna be an amazing daddy." I said,He nodded and leaned down.He pecked my lips and i started to wash my hair and body.We both got rinsed off and we got out.After i wrapped the towel around my body i walked into my room and to my closet.I picked out my blue jean skinnys and a light brown sweater,I slipped on my brown ugg boots.I walked to my dresser and put my light brown/mocha colored scarf on.I then walked into my bathroom.I brushed my teeth and started to put on my makeup as Harry shaved.Once i was finished i put my hair in a formal looking bun with two curly piece's hanging on each side.I put on my silver big hoop earrings.I sprayed my self with smell good and looked over myself,i looked good.I walked back out of my bathroom to Harry he was sipping his pants.

"Do i look okay?" I asked.

"Gorgeous." He said.I smiled and blushed.He finished getting dressed and i grabbed my phone and purse.Harry grabbed his phone and my keys.We walked out of the flat and out to my car.I got in the passenger side and he got in the driver side.He looked at me and smiled."Are you ready?" He asked.I nodded.He smiled and backed out of the parking space.Once we were on the highway i started to get hungry,like really hungry.

"I am starving." I said.He chuckled and nodded.

"Me too." He said.

"Can we go to McDonald's?" I asked.He nodded and pulled into the drive through.

"What do you want,babe?" He asked.I thought for a minute.

"A big mac,fries,and a sprite.Oooo and a chocolate chip cookie." He laughed and ordered.He told the lady mine and his order.She told us the price and he pulled out his wallet pulling up to the window.He payed and we got our food.I handed him his burger and i grabbed my big mac.I started to eat.

****45 minutes later****

We finally pulled up at his family's house.I started to get nervous.He looked at me.

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