Chapter 19

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-Harry's POV-

We arrived at the hospital and they rushed Brittany inside.I followed running trying to keep up.When they brought her to a room they told me i had to stay outside in the waiting room.I was so upset that they wouldn't let me in that room.I punched the wall because of how pissed i was.

"Sir,are you okay?" An old lady asked me.I turned to look at her shocked that i wasn't the only one in the waiting room.

"When did you get in here?" I asked.She laughed a bit and then got a little more serious.She patted the seat next to her and i went and sat next to her.

"I was in here when you came in here." She said i shook my head in disbelief.She nodded."It's true."


"I watched them take that girl in the room across the hall and they just pushed you out." She said.

"Oh maybe you were in here." I said feeling a bit embarrassed.She patted my back.

"Is she your wife?" T he old woman asked.I shook my head and chuckled a bit.

"I wish." I said."We are dating right now,but i love her so much."

"Why don't you propose?" I looked at the lady and smiled.

"I don't know,I don't think she is ready and i don't want to pressure her into anything.I don't even know how i'm going to do it,if i ever i do." The woman shook her head.I looked at her confused.

"Does she love you?" I nodded.

Right when i did that a nurse walked in.

"Sir,can i speak with you for a  moment?" She asked.I got scarred.What if something happened?What if Brittany's dead?Oh god i can't lose her.She's the only girl in the world i feel this way about.I truly love her.I was pulled out of my horrifying thoughts when the old lady patted my knee and gave me a reassuring smile.I smiled slightly back and nodded to the nurse i stood up and started to walk towards the door she followed me out and then shut the door.

"Is she alright?" I asked scarred of the answer.

"Yes she is fine but we need to have her guardian here before we say anything about her condition."I nodded.I pulled out my phone and called Finn.It rang a few times before he answered.

"Hello?" He asked.


"Whats wrong?"

"Brittany's in the hospital"


"Brittany is in the hospital"


"I DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING TO HER NOW GET YOUR ASSES TO THE HOSPITAL!" I yelled into the phone before hanging up.

"Is everything alright?" The nurse asked.I nodded.

"Can i see her now?"

"Yes follow me." She said.I nodded and followed her into Brittany's room.When i walked in i saw Brittany lying on her bed asleep and hooked up to all these weird machines.I walked over to her and sat on the chair next to her bed.I grabbed her hand and started to cry.I thought of all the times we had together and how much i love her.I herd the door swing open and there stood Finn and Brittany's mom.They started to walk in.Once they got to the opposite side of the bed they looked at Brittany and then me.

"What happened to her?" Finn asked.Brittany's mom Melissa just started to sob.

"We were at a store and Brittany went to the bathroom and i was getting drinks and then these guys came in and started to rob the place and they had guns so i crawled to the bathroom and went inside i told her what was going on and she just started to shake and she fell to the floor and stopped breathing." I said her mom stopped crying and looked at me.

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