Chapter 18

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"Brittany,it's time to get up." Harry whispered in my ear.I rolled over and put the cover over my head.I herd Harry chuckle."Brittany babe,we are going back home so we can pack for Italy!" He said.I threw the cover off my head and ran to the bathroom.Harry started to laugh at me.I walked out of the bathroom and over to my suitcase.I grabbed some sweatpants and a shirt i threw them on and slipped my ugg boots on and got packed and ran my suitcase to the front door.Harry brought his suitcase next to the door and set it down next to mine."I guess your ready to go?" Harry questioned me.I nodded.I felt my phone vibrate so i pulled it out of my pocket and unlocked it.

2 new text messages from Elizabeth and Tabby:

Elizabeth: Hey douche!


Tabby: Hey.You up?


Elizabeth: Whats crackilackin?

Me:Fixing to leave.You?

Tabby:OK me and Lou are leaving.






I put my phone away and looked at Harry he was just putting his phone away as well.

"Are we going?"I asked.Harry nodded.We picked up our suitcases and walked out of the hotel room.We walked to the elevator and got in.When the doors opened we stepped out and walked through the lobby we returned our keys and walked out of the hotel.We had our own car to take us home because everyone else had already left.We walked to the car and handed our suitcases to the driver person who was standing next to the trunk after he took them we got in  the car while the man put our stuff in the trunk.He got in the car and started to drive.I layed my head on Harry's shoulder and passed out.

-Elizabeth's POV-

After we returned our keys we went out to the car Niall wanted to drive so we got a rental car.When we got in he started to drive.I turned on the radio and 'The man who can't be moved' by The Script came on i started to fangirl.Niall looked at me and smiled i started to sing and so did he.When the song ended Niall turned the radio down a little.

"You know,I would do that for you." He said.I looked at him shocked i could feel tears of joy forming in my eyes.

"You would?" I asked.He nodded.I calmed down and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at me and smiled then focused back on the road.

"Elizabeth?" He asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"I love you." He said.I almost died.I started to mentally flip out.

"I love you too." I said.He started to smile like an idiot and so did i.I layed my head back and closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

-Harry's POV-

Brittany fell asleep on my shoulder about two hours ago.She is so cute when she sleeps.I love watching her sleep.Okay that sounds creepy,but she looks so peaceful,like there's nothing that can go wrong.I really love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her,but she wouldn't feel the same.She's going to college she will probable forget about me.Unless i do something to make her mine forever and i know she can't ever leave me.I could propose but it's to soon and i would freak her out.Maybe i should just wait and talk to Tabby and Elizabeth about it.I was pulled out of my thoughts by my phone vibrating.I pulled it out of my pocket and unlocked it.

1 new text message from: Boobear!:)

Boobear!:): Hey,Me and the boys want to have a guys day since we haven't had much time to hang with just us in forever.What do ya think?

Me: That sounds cool.When?

Boobear!:): Awesome and how about tomorrow?

Me: Yeah that sounds good.

That was the last text i sent before we stopped at a store.I decided to wake Brittany up.

"Britt babe, we are at a store do you want anything?" I whispered in her ear.She moved a bit before her eyes started to flutter open.I looked in to her beautiful brown eyes.

"Yeah,I have to waz too!" She said i chuckled at the last part.I opened the door and stepped out she followed i shut the door and grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers. We walked into the store and she ran straight for the bathroom.I laughed at her.She turned around and flicked me off.I gasped dramatically then she disappeared into the bathroom.I walked down the first isle seeing some twix i grabbed a pack and grabbed Brittany's favorite candy Goobers and then headed to the drink section.Right as i got to the drinks i herd a loud bang and then yelling and gun shots i dropped to floor trying to hide.I remembered that Brittany was in the restroom and if she came out she might get hurt seeing as she has no clue whats going on out here.I crawled to the bathroom and knocked on the door.She opened it and i pushed her back in and shut the door and locked it.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked.

"The store is being robbed!" I said in a whisper yell voice.She opened her eyes wide and then looked serious again.

"Stop screwing with me and lets go!" She said,why didn't she believe me?

"Brittany i'm not playing!" I said.She started to look scarred.Her breathing started to get all messed up and she started to panic."BRITTANY!" I screamed she wasn't talking oh my god whats wrong with her?She fell to the floor and stopped breathing i was freaking out."BRITTANY!" I yelled again.I herd people running to where we were.when the footsteps stopped they started to bang on the door.



"OPEN THE DOOR SON WE NEED TO GET HER OUT OF THERE!"I turned around and opened the door the police officer ran in with several paramedics and he Lent down beside Brittany and started to listen to her heart he sat up and started to push on her chest and give her mouth to mouth.What was wrong with her? I started to cry.The police officers started to push me out of the bathroom but i was fighting i wasn't just going to leave her like that.I love her.

"I HAVE TO STAY WITH HER!" I screamed at the cops pushing me.They just kept on pushing me.They finally got me out side and sat me down.I was crying and freaking out.I kept saying'I love you' over and over again.The doors opened and they pulled a gurney out and it was carrying the love of my life's lifeless body.She looked so pale and just limp.I jumped up and ran to the gurney and started to walk next to it they put her in the back of the ambulance i started to get in but was stopped.

"Son are you family or boyfriend."The paramedic asked.

"I'm her boyfriend!" I said he nodded and let me get in i sat next to her.I picked her hand up and just held it I noticed they were doing the face mask."Is she okay?" I asked worried.

"Mayby.We aren't exactly positive yet."One guy said.I nodded and looked back at Brittany i leaned down and pecked her lips softly."I love you." I whispered in her ear.

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