Chapter 4

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After we pulled apart he put his forhead on mine and we just stayed there staring into his eyes. They showed love and i am pretty sure mine did to. Wait NO NO you are still with Ryan you cant feel this way about Harry, but Ryan did hurt me really bad and i can tell he doesn't love me anymore. I just have to face the fact that the spark is gone and i have to let him go.

"Is everything alright love?" Harry asks pulling me from my thoughts.

"Yeah i guess" I say taking a seat on the couch.He follows my actions.

"Do you want to talk about?" He asks sounding worried.

"You know i haven't ended things with Ryan yet so..".I trailed off hoping he would understand.


"Well we cant date or anything right now."

"So when are you going to end it with him?" He asks with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"I don't know"The hopeful look disappears and he stands up.

"Harry, please don't be mad at me." I plead.

"I just really like you Brittany i want you to be mine and no one Else's i have honestly never felt this way about a girl before and having to wait is killing me." He says. and then disappears out of my doorway. I stand there for a while just thinking of what he said and processing the information then i was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on the sliding glass door leading to Tabby's room. I walk over and slide it open and there stands Tabby she looks at me and then starts to speak.

"Brittany i am so sorry i shoul---" I cut her off.

"Tabby you have nothing to be sorry for it was all his fault don't blame yourself i will believe you over anyone else in this world don't apologize" I said she looked up at me and then jumped into my arms and we fell to the floor laughing.She stood up and then helped me up she sat on my couch and i did the same.

"I herd Harry sing to you. what was that about?"

"Did you not here the song he was singing dip stick ?" I said. She can be a complete blond sometimes.

"Yes, it was 'Let me love you ' "

"Okay then why are you asking me what that was about then retard?"

"I am not and i don't know i just wanted to" Wow. "So are you going to dump Ryan?" She asks more serious now.


"When and how?"

"You ask allot of fucking questions and I'm still a little tipsy so slow down. Anyway i am going to tomorrow and I'm just gonna sit down with him and have a talk."

"Your so sweet if it was me i would have already chopped his balls off by now" Damn she is violent.



"Whatever im going to bed go away now" I say pointing to the door.

"WHY DO YOU HATE ME?" She yells.

"I don't hate you i just dislike you very much hate is a strong word. she gasps over dramatically and then walks over to me and kisses my forehead and pats my head.

"I love you"

"I love you to now LEAVE." With that she walks out of my room closing the door behind her i get up and turn the light off and hop into bed rethinking how fucking sickish my birthday was.

The next morning i wake up and head downstairs still in my PJ's and my hair in a messy bun. I walk through the living room to get to the kitchen and see Ryan asleep on the couch, it made me sick to my stomach so i decide to hold off on breakfast for a while i walk out into the back yard and sit on the patio chair and just look at the beautiful trees and humongous electric privacy fence how lovely. I sit there in my thoughts until I'm dragged out by the one person i didn't want to see this morning i dreaded this moment but i guess its better if you do it sooner than later. He sits down in the chair next to me and i can feel his eyes burning holes in the side of my head. I turn to look at him and he is still staring at me.

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