Chapter 28

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-Brittany's POV-

I walked for about an hour and realized i needed to talk to Harry.I started to walk back to the hotel.Once i got there i walked up to our room and unlocked it and walked in.I walked to our bed room to see that Harry and his things were gone.I walked over to the bed seeing that there was a piece of paper with writing on it.I picked it up and started to read:


I can't do this anymore.I hope you understand,I am heading back to London alone.I think it's better if we just end things now.I don't want you to hate me but i have to do this.I love you and always will!


I felt the hot tears run down my cheeks.I can't  believe he gave up just like that.Was it really that easy for him? Does he enjoy hurting me? Did he ever even love me? I sat there drowning in my thoughts.I didn't even realize that i had fallen asleep.

-Tabby's POV-

I couldn't take my eyes off of him.I walked over to him and stopped right in front of him.He enveloped me in a bone crushing hug.

"I'm sorry Tabby,What i did was wrong and i still want to be friends.Your amazing and beautiful PLEASE forgive me!" I stood there very confused.I thought he hated me."PLEASE TABBY!"He whined pulling out a big bag of skittles out of his luggage bag.I giggled and took them from him.

"I FORGIVE YOU!" I said hugging him.We are so childish.

"So,How are things with you and Dominick?" He asked.I looked at him shocked and confused.

"Good,Normal i guess." He smiled.

"That's good,I have a girlfriend now." He said a bit excitedly.

"Who?" I asked.

"The girl i 'Cheated' On you with." I laughed realizing how terrible that sounded."That sounded horrible,I am sorry." I nodded.

"It's fine Louis,go on."

"Anyway,Her name is Eleanor and she is absolutely amazing you two would get along amazingly!" I laughed and smiled.

"I'm truly happy for you Lou!" I said.He stood up and took his things to his room and ran back down the stairs.He jumped on the couch and so did I.We continued to watch toy story together.

-Elizabeth's POV-

We both finally got finished packing and we were ready to leave.I got changed into some sweats and a tank top.I walked into the living room part and plopped on the couch.Niall came back from setting our stuff down in front of the door.He plopped down next to me.We sat there in silence until we herd a knock at our door.I got up and ran for the door i opened it and are body guard was standing in front of me.

"Are you all ready to go now?" He asked.I nodded and he walked in and grabbed our luggage and brought it out and set it on a luggage cart along with his belongings.Niall got up and we made sure we had everything.After we did that we walked out of the hotel room and walked to the elevator and got in.Once we made it to the lobby we walked out of the hotel after returning our keys and we got into the car that was waiting to take us to the air port.

****1 hour later****

We finally made it to the airport and we walked in and did the ticket thing and then boarded,Niall led me straight to the first class seats and we sat down.

"I had alot of fun!" Niall said.

"Me too!" I said.

"What was your favorite part?" He asked.I thought for a minute.

"Everything ESPECIALLY the food!" I said he chuckled abit."What about you?"

"I got to spend every second with you!" He said i blushed and leaned over and kissed him.We pulled apart and the plane started to move and the lady directed us to put our seat belts on and we did.I put my earphones in and started to listen to some music.I dozed off with my head on Niall's shoulder.

-Harry's POV-

"We are now landing in London,Please fasten your seat belts and stay seated.Thank you for flying with us." The lady said over the intercom.I did as i was told and sat back and waited to get off of the plane.

I can't beleive i just ended things with Brittany she was the most amazing thing to ever happen in my life besides one direction but sometimes she is the only thing i think about well all the time actually.I feel so stupid and now she hates me.She will probably never talk to me again.I can't stand to not hear her voice.I regret breaking up with her but at that moment i was pissed and hurt that i didn't even realize i was the one giving up on us.I feel like an ass and i will never be able to forgive my self.

I finally got off of the plane and realized i was crying.I put on some shades and a beanie and grabbed my stuff i walked out of the airport and surprisingly there were no fans.I got a taxi and told him the directions to my house and he drove me there.Once we pulled up i walked inside with my things and went straight to my room.I could here Tabby and Louis calling for me but i didn't answer i locked my door and fell on my bed i just layed there and cried my self to sleep.

-Brittany's POV-

I woke up and was cold.I didn't have any body holding me.It sucked i got up and all of the memories from last night came flooding back to me.I couldn't stop reading that note over and over again.I walked into the bathroom not thinking to close the door and hopped in the shower.I stood there thinking and crying.I don't know what i am supposed to do now.Am i just supposed to go home and act as if nothing happened like Harry and i never dated and like he didn't break my heart in to a million tiny pieces? I got out realizing i had been standing there for an hour.I wrapped a fluffy white towel around me and walked into the bed room.I couldn't feel anything anymore it was like the emotion and life was just sucked out of me.I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed some skinnys and a plain black v neck.I got dressed and put on my converse.I threw my hair into a messy bun and didn't even think about makeup. I finished packing and grabbed my things and walked to the elevator.I got in and went to the lobby.Once i got there i returned my key and walked out side.I hauled a taxi and he took me to the airport.Once i got there i did everything i was supposed to and sat down on the chairs until my flight was called i walked over to my gate and handed the lady my ticket.I bored and sat down in my first class seat.I pulled out my I phone and plugged in my ear phones and started to listen to music.About twenty minutes later something interrupted my music so i looked at my phone and unlocked it.

1 New text message from: Tabby

Tabby: Hey where are you?Harry is in his room and won't let anyone in.

Me: I am on a plane.

Tabby: Okay.Why are you not with Harry?

Me: I don't want to talk about it right now.Please wait until i get home!

Tabby:Okay.I love you! Don't do anything stupid!

Me: I love you too.

I locked my phone ignoring the rest of the texts i got.

**** 10 Hours later****

We finally landed in London and i got off of the plane getting my luggage and heading to leave the airport.I got a taxi and told him the directions to my house.Once i got there i walked inside and noticed everyone was already home even my parents.I walked in ignoring there 'heys' and 'how are yous' I walked up to my room and as i passed Harry's door i could hear light sobs.I dIdn't feel to bad.I continued to my room and walked in.I dropped my stuff and started to walk back down stairs i pulled out my phone and got on twitter trying to get my mind on other things I made it to the bottom step and looked up.I didn't expect to see who was standing in the door way of the kitchen.


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