Chapter 1

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Elizabeth and I  just stood there in shock. What the hell is one direction doing in my step dads house?

Tabby is arguing with the cookies to stay in her boob pocket. "aaaahhhh hot my boob is on fire!" Tabby yells.  " I need some water!! "
"There's a pool in the back yard love." Louis says.
"Hold my phone Brittany." Tabby says, throwing her phone at me then running off.

We hear a loud bang and then Tabby yell " What the fuck?" oh god i think she ran into the door.

We all run to see if she is okay when we got there she was lying on the floor holding her hand to her head and pouting.
"Brittany the door ran into me." She says.
"Bad door you cant run into tabby like that." I say.
"HEY YOUR ONE DIRECTION!" Tabby yells standing up.
"No shit." Elizabeth says rolling her eyes at Tabby.
"Yes we are and who are you lovely ladies?" Harry says looking at me with a cheeky smile. To bad i gotta boyfriend ya nashty.

"I'm Elizabeth."
"Tabby. "
"Brittany, now why the hell are you in my step dads house?" I ask earning several weird looks from the boys.

"Your step dad is our manager." Liam says. Now it makes since.

We heard the door open and close and then my mom and Finn came into the room.

"I see you girls have met the boys?" Finn asks.

"Nnoooooooo i didn't even notice they were here." I say sarcastically. "Yes we met them dip stick."

"Okay sassy pants, would you like to see Y'alls  rooms." My mom says looking at me.
"YES!" Me, Tabby, and Elizabeth all yell together.

We follow my mom and Finn up stairs, and then up some more stairs, and some more until we reach the fourth floor holy shit that's a lot of stairs.

"I have a feeling that I'm going to get lost." Tabby says.

"Then you might need this." I say, throwing her phone to her.

We walk through a door that leads us to Tabby's room. It has a bed with a comforter that is black and blue striped. Tabby's favorite colors. Two of the walls across from each other are blue and black checkered painted. One was Blue with a big 'TABBY' written across it. The other is a big glass window door thing that leads into my room. A wardrobe is on one wall, with her closet, and bathroom. A flat screen TV is in one corner facing her bed. A couch was placed at the end of her bed. My room is set up basically the same way except my colors are green and black and my name is Brittany.

After that my step dad led Elizabeth to the guest bedroom which had purple paint on the walls and a purple comforter and pillows.That's her room for when she stays here anytime.

"Are you girls ready to eat?" Finn asks us.

"YYYEEESSSSSS!!" Tabby screams.We all laugh at her and walk down stairs. When we got down there Finn's chef had already gotten every ones favorite food set out on the table. I love this man.

We all sit down to eat when my mom starts a conversation.

"So what are you planning on doing for your birthday?" She asks looking at me.

"Nothing i guess." I say looking down to my food again.

"PARTY!" Tabby screams.

"What? " I ask

"We can DRINK!"

"Oh yeah, oops i forgot there for a second."

"No hardcore party's girls." My mom says.

"Oh come on honey the girls turning nineteen let her have fun. She can drink here if it makes you feel safer about it." Finn says. Like i said earlier i FUCKING love this man!

"Okay." My mom says.

"YYYEESSSSSS WE GONNA GET WASTED!" Tabby yells. My mom didn't look to pleased with the way that came out. Nice one Tabby.

"So have you thought of anything you want?" Liam asks.

"Nothing really and i just met you, you don't have to get me anything." I say.

"Oh but we do. " Harry says looking at me like' ima make a mess upon your innocence'.

"Cough Ryan cough. " Tabby says. I glare at her.

"Who's Ryan? " Harry asks looking at me. Weird to say he actually looked kinda hurt.

"My boyfriend." I say. He looks down at his lap.

Does he like me? I just met the kid what the fuck is going on?

After an awkward silenced dinner i went up to my room and got in the shower. When i got out my phone started ringing.


"I'm lost." Tabby says .

"Tabby, hun, your so special."


"I will be down in a sec let me get dressed."


I hear someone say 'what?' in the back ground.

"YES i just got out of the shower and you called i didn't have time to get dressed."

"Oh, well get dressed and help me."

"Whatever." I say and hang up.

After i got dressed i walked down stairs and into the kitchen to find Tabby standing on the table dancing to what ever is playing on her i pod. She has her headphones in and she is eating cookies like there is no tomorrow. I walk over to her and push her off the table it was quite funny.

"RRUUDDEE!" She yells standing up.


"Just take me to my room, I'm sleepy." She says like a five year old.

"Come on."  I say. We walk up stairs and we get to our rooms she goes in  to hers and i go into mine.

I lay in my bed still thinking of what happened at dinner. I don't want to make things awkward between Harry and i but i have a boyfriend. This cant get any worse.

A/N: Sorry it was short i will try to write longer ones im just not feelin to in the mood to write today.

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