Chapter 37

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Once we got home we seen that the moving truck that had all of Elizabeth's things in it was here.We just left everything in it and went inside and started to pack our rooms.We danced and had allot of fun everyone helped us pack in cluding my mom,Finn and my sister Janna.Once we were finished we took all of the boxes down the stairs and out side and on to the moving truck.We made the guys carry our beds and other big furniture in our rooms.Once everything was on the moving truck i thought about other furniture like the living room the utensils in the kitchen the laundry room stuff the home theater stuff and the fridge and microwave and just everything piled on my shoulders at once i grunted and everyone looked at me.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked walking over to me and wrapping and arm around my waist.

"We have no furniture for our living room or kitchen stuff or stuff or the theater or a fridge or laundry room stuff or-"I was cut off by Tabby.

"Stop worrying Britt lets go look at furniture and stuff on line or go to a store." She said.I nodded.

"Here to make it easier on you guys,How about me and the guys take the truck to your flat and unload everything and you guys go now to the furniture and stuff store and find what you need." Harry said.

"Is that OK with you guys?" I asked the rest of the guys.They nodded happily.I kissed Harry's cheek and Tabby,Elizabeth and I got in my Jeep and headed for the furniture store.Once we got there we hoped out and walked inside.I looked away from Tabby and Elizabeth for two seconds and they were already running in opposite directions.I rolled my eyes and ran after Tabby seeing as she was going down the electronics aisle.I finally made it to her and she was just staring at the 90 inch flat screen TV.I rolled my eyes.It was pretty amazing and it was a 3D one so that made it an even easier choice.

"How about this be our theater TV?" I asked Tabby.She nodded very excitedly.I laughed."Okay go get a store worker person and tell them we arn't done shopping but we want this." She nodded and ran for the front of the store.I ran down the aisle i saw Elizabeth go down.She was laying on a couch a very nice couch and then she hopped up and ran for the recliners.I laughed and walked over to her.

"Lizzy,What are you doing?" I asked.

"You said we needed chairs for the theater and couches for the living room so i am testing them!" She said i laughed and nodded.

"Well when your done and you find some you like come get me and Tabby and we will decide a color or something." She nodded." I am going to the kitchen appliances!" She laughed and nodded.I ran to the aisle that it was on and walked down the Jesus aisle.I grabbed a random buggy that was sitting there next to an old lady.She wasn't paying attention to it so i took it.I started to push it down another aisle with microwaves on it i walked to a black microwave that looked gorgeous for a microwave and it was all technical and i wanted it so i put it in the buggy.I walked down the aisle more and found pots and pans and spatulas and everything else you need in your kitchen and more.I got all matching appliances they were all silver and black and they were adorbs.I was finished with the kitchen,well kinda we needed a table and chairs.I walked to the aisle with the tables.I picked out a black and silver see through kitchen table it was huge but we need a big table.We may be girls but we eat allot! I told the store person and he added all of the kitchen stuff and the table with the TV and then Lizzy told me she had some chairs and couches picked out.I followed her.Once we got there Tabby was sitting on one of the couches Lizzy had chosen.I sat down and melted into the couch it was so fucking comfortable.

"GUYS TRY THE OTHER COUCH AND THE THEATER CHAIRS!" Lizzy yelled at us we nodded an did as we were told they were amazing.We told the person and he added that to our list of stuff and then we decided to get the same TV for the living room as we got for the theater and we already had TV's for our rooms.One more thing i forgot about the kitchen.The fridge.

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