Chapter 38

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I woke up to see Harry was still passed out.I got untangled from his arms and walked out of my room i gently closed the door and walked into the living room.I noticed that Liam was sleeping on one couch,Zayn was on one and then Louis was on the other one.I giggled quietly to myself and walked into the kitchen.I stopped as i reached for the fridge.I didn't go grocery shopping,therefore there is no food.I mentally face palmed.I walked back into my room and checked on Harry he was still asleep.I walked to my closet and walked in. I grabbed a plain white v neck and some black skinnys.I got changed and put on my black ugg boots.I slipped on a thin jacket and walked into my bathroom.I cleaned up my make up and fixed the messy bun.I walked out of my bathroom and grabbed my phone,purse and keys and walked to Harry kissed his for head and walked out of my room.I walked through the living room and out of the front door.I locked it and walked to the elevator.I got in and pressed the 1st floor button.Once i got there i walked out of the elevator and through the lobby and out of the doors.I walked to my Jeep and hoped in.I started it and backed out of the parking space and headed for the grocery store.Once i got there i parked,hopped out,grabbed my phone,purse and keys.I shut my door and locked it i walked into the store grabbing a buggy and started to push it down the first aisle.I was now at the cereal aisle when my phone started to ring.I answered it not looking at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I said.

"Brittany,Where are you?" Harry asked.He sounded worried.

"I'm at the grocery store dork." I herd him sigh and i giggled.

"Oh,I was so worried i thought you were kidnapped or ra-" I cut him off.

"Harry,Calm down.I am perfectly fine.I wil be home in a few minutes."

"Okay.I love you."

"I love you too."

"Bye babe."

"Bye." I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket.I finished shopping and went to the front of the store and started to check out.Once i was finished i walked out of the store and to my car.I put all of the grocery's in and started for my flat.

****5 minutes later****

I finally pulled up and my flat and i hopped out of the car and opened the trunk and started to grab some grocery's.I leaned in to the trunk to try and reach another bag when i felt hands on my hips and something rubbing on my bum.I stood back p and turned around to face Harry.

"Hey baby." He said.

"Hey." He started to lean in and so did i.I stopped and he just kept going."Get some grocery's." I said taking the bags i picked up and walking into the building.I herd him saying things like ' tease' or 'i got you'.Like i'm scared of him.I walked into my door once i made it to my flat.I herd loud music playing it was' Miss independent' by Ne-Yo.I rolled my eyes and set down the grocery's and walked in to the living room to see everyone dancing and singing except for Harry.I started to dance and sing.I started to shake my hips to the beat of the music.I felt strong arms go around my waist and someone moving with me.I smiled knowing who it was.I herd someone singing lightly but sexily in my ear.I smiled even bigger.Once the song was over 'kiss me thru the phone' came on.I looked at everyone confused.

"Who's i pod is this?" Liam looked down and smiled.I laughed and shook my head.I turned around and looked at Harry who was singing and dancing like a retard with Zayn,Niall and Louis.I shook my head and walked into the kitchen.I started to put the grocery's away.Once i was done i walked back in to the living room and plopped down on the couch and just watched my retarded boy friend and his friends dance like special ed children.Tabby and Elizabeth Plopped down next to me but spread out to where they were all over me and i was over them.We just layed there and watched the boys occasionally making fun off them.I herd Harry's phone ringing.I looked at him and he stopped and Liam turned the i pod down and Harry answered it.He hung up the phone after about 5 minutes of arguing with who ever it was.

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