It was a Saturday morning and you were cleaning the house.  You made an agreement with Austin to spend the weekend at home but he had to go to the studio. So you were making yourself busy to get the anger out of you and stop overthinking the whole situation.

Austin had to go to the studio to finish some things for the upcoming world tour. The weeks previous were hectic because there were a lot of things that needed to be done and organised for the tour booking hotels, stadiums, extra body guards the hole lot! So Austin was always busy.

This weekend was supposed to be a relaxed weekend with Austin. He agreed to spend Saturday and Sunday at home, sharing the hours of the day with each other. You see, Austin’s work and your work doesn’t allow you to spend much time together, which bothers you a lot working two jobs and going to Uni was crazy and unmanageable enough.

You always understood that he had to work hard to do what he dreamed of, but that didn’t mean work without resting or feeding correctly, he was losing weight and because of the stress that the tour and the release of the new album brought, he was smoking a hell lot more. You’ve never fought with him over the smoking thing; you made yourself clear and told him that you didn’t like it and the thought that it was killing him. He left that horrendous habit for some months but then the wild routine begun flying to him again.

So it wasn’t a surprise when you got a text form Alex telling you if there was something off between you and Austin, because he’d been throwing tantrums and trying to get away from the boys to be alone. You texted Austin to see how he was but the only answer you got was:

I’m fine babe sees u in a couple of hours, miss you heaps love ya xx

You’s obviously realised nothing was fine, something was bothering him. The only thing you could do was to call him and check, his voice always betrayed him.

“Hey babe, what’s happening?”

“To me………nothing, what’s happening with you?” his voice was low and off sounding like a broken whisper

“With me!” you said raising your voice a bit feeling annoyed, it happens all the time when you’re scared and worried

“Austin honey talk to me. What is it?” you could hear his breathing over the speaker, it was paused and weak. “Austin you’re obviously not okay. Did you have an argument with the boys or something go wrong?

“I…I …” you waited for his response but he never ended the sentence.

“Austin…?” you said worried

“I’m not feeling very well……..” he said voice trailing off

“What?” you said what was he trying to say?

“I’m going to go home now babe. See you in a bit love you” and just like that he ending the call

A million and one thoughts rushed your mind. What does he mean his not feeling well? How could you not have known this? Jumping to conclusion you immediately thought he was injured. Quickly you tidied the house and emptying the bucket of dirty water from the mopping. When you were towel drying the bench top you heard a knock at the door “austin” you whispered relived, you wiped your hands on your apron, took it off and ran to the door

Austin entered and just by looking his face you could tell what was really happening. He had bags under his eyes, his eyes were glassy and red, and his skin looked lifeless and pale. You hugged him and kissed him on the check.

“My baby’s kick” you said pouting

He nodded and buried his face in your neck while he hugged you from your waist

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