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Making love for the first time 😘

Austin just came through the door after a long day at work. "Hey babe" he called out you. "Your home!" You called out to him, and ran then jumped into his strong arms. "I missed you so much" you added, then pecked his lips. "I missed you too baby" he said to you with his deep husky voice. "Tonight's going to be special, I have a surprise for you" you said to him while giving him a sneaking smirk😏, he new exactly what you meant. "Oohhh I like surprises" austin said while carrying you to the bedroom. Austin places you on the bed and then takes his shirt off, while you took yours off too. Austin's soft lips pressed against yours, butterflies erupted in your stomach he was such a good kisser. You slowly inserted your tongue inside his mouth. A small moan escaped from austin. You took your pants off slowly while teasing austin, "i hate it when you do that" Austin said while chucking you a cheeky grin, he leaned in and pulled you towards him, locking your lips again. By then you and austin were both on your undies, this was the second time yous were going to have attempt intercourse the first time it didn't work, you were too scared and weren't ready. But this time you were going to try, for Austin. You slowly took you undies off. Austin couldn't take the teasing any more. You could see that clark was getting bigger and you also were getting turned on too. His abs were your week spot. Austin broke away the kiss and whispered to you "are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to if you don't want, it could wait" this meant a lot to him, and you were ready this time. "I'm ready..." You said while pressing your lips against his closing the gap in between. "Ok, tell me if it hurts and you want me to stop" austin said to you. He slowly inserted his penis into you😐. At first it hurt, but you tired not to show it, austin went slowly until he was in in you. A a tear slowly escaped your eyes. "Babe are you ok? Do you want me to stop?" Austin said with a worried voice"Nah it's ok, I-I'm fine keep going" you said to him wiping the tear away. "Are you sure?" He asked "yeah I am k-keep going" you replied. Austin stays in you for a while to adjust to the size of his penis. He then continued the motion in and out, after a while you got used to it and you could no longer feel pain, pleasure rushed through you. "Yeah, faster!!!!!!" You yelled, austin speeds his thrusting, "don't......stop" you panted. Austin's hands glided over your body, he kissed your stomach and made his way up till your boobs, he slowly kissed them and licked the nipple. It felt so good. You placed your hand on top if his head pressing his head against you. Austin then made his way to your neck, kissing 😘it passionately, it was a mixture of pleasure and ticking, but it was sure good teasing. "You like that?" he asked seductively "yeah" you sighed. Austin thrusting increased, he went faster and harder "yeah, faster....don't stop" you whispered. Your hips moved in sync with his thrusting, "i-I-I'm about to cum!" You yelled in pleasure. With that austin placed his hands on either side of your head to stable him self. He pushed harder on you, but in a soft way so it didn't hurt, cum splashed 💦all over you and in to Austin's lower belly, but he didn't seem to mind😏 straight after austin seeing your cum he felt more horny, he slid out of you and you held his penis in your hands "your turn" you said to him seductively, you played around with his penis, it was hard and big, soon later austin ejaculated and sperm went everywhere on you. You's laid together on the bed. "I love so much (Y/N)" austin said to you. "I wouldn't want to have anyone else" he added. You turned around to face him "I love you too. You replied then kissed him softly on the lips, then placing your head on his chest.

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