It was Justin Bieber’s pool party and nearly everyone was invited. As you changed in the change room and were left in your bikini everyone was staring at you. The guys were all checking you out “hey boys” you say walking past and giving them a cute smile and wink as you walked past. Austin was with his friends in a group, even when you walked passed you saw he wouldn’t help but stare. “Hey babe” he said putting his arms around you and kissing your cheek.

 You left Austin’s arms and went to say hi to your friends by the pool as you were walking Justin came and said hi to you. And already you could see that Austin was getting a bit uncomfortable. Out of nowhere Justin picks you up over his shoulder and throws you into the pool and then jumps in himself. Getting up you yell at Justin “Omg! You did not! I’ll get you back” you say as you get out of the pool, your hair whipping behind you, not to mention all the guys there checking you out, and the girls……well they had jealous written all over there face.

“Here take this towel” Justin says as he hands you the towel but just as you were about to take it out of his hand he quickly snatched it from you and said “psych” in a cocky tone “jerk” you say to him you turned around, heading back towards your friends but at the same time you can feel Justin and the other boys checking out your ass.

 From the corner of your eye Austin looked a bit red in the face. So you walked up to him, wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against yours. “What’s wrong?” you said through your pressed lips. “Nothing l-lets go home” he said looking down. “It’s Justin isn’t it? Yeah” you said looking at him cheekily “noooo” he said, but you could see that he was lying.

“You jealous babe?” you asked “no” he said shyly he’s head still down, cheeks blushing. “Maybe” he quietly said. “hahaha its cute when your jealous, but don’t be, he’s just mucking around” you say reassuring him. “it looks like you like him better, and the way he treats you, I want to be like him”  he said looking at you, and your eyes met. “Don’t I love you the way you are, don’t change for me” you say making Austin smile. “I forgot to say, you look pretty hot today” he said biting his lip, trying to hide it. You knew he was a bit turned on. “You too” you said running your finger down his abs.

part two?

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