You and your boyfriend Austin were getting ready for a movie night. You settled into the couch with popcorn, pizza, candy, blankets, pillows, and your pwt dog. You decided to watch Psycho. You were not a big fan of horror movies and on occasion you got freaked out. You were hoping you wouldn’t get too scared tonight because you didn’t want to act like a big cry baby in front of Austin. Austin absolutely adored horror movies he had said to you that he never got scared in them. He started up the movie and came and nuzzled in next to you, completely wrapping himself in a very fluffy blanket. He put his arm around you and you rested your head on his shoulder. Austin loved sitting like this because he could kiss the top of your head whenever he wanted too. The movie started and you were fine for most of the movie. You jumped when things popped out and you were a little scared but not so much that you wanted to turn on every light in the house, lock yourself in your bedroom and sleep with a knife. Then the ever famous shower murder scene came up, something about that really scared you. You squeezed Austin's hand tighter through the whole thing, you didn’t even realize you were doing it until Austin looked at you, eyebrows raised, “Are you scared babe?” He asked looking concerned. You shook your head not wanting to seem like a baby but as the movie continued your grip grew tighter and tighter on Austin's strong hand. He pulled you in close and enveloped you in a hug. You felt safer with his arms around you, you breathed in his intoxicating scent. You crawled up into his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck, he pulled you in for a kiss. Soon that little comforting kiss had turned into a full on make out session. The movie still played in the background but neither of you were paying attention, he slipped off your shirt and quickly unsnapped your bra. Let’s just say you never did see the end of Psycho ;)

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