It was last period and your normal teacher wasn’t here so yours had a substitute. A majority of the class decide to play truth or dare, and so did you. The rest of the nerds actually did the work, lucky the teacher didn’t mind, in fact he was sleeping leaning back with the chair on the wall, weird. It was your turn “(Y/N) truth or dare?” Amy asked you. “Dare” you answered after a while deciding whether to risk it or not.  “Uumm….i dare you to…….kiss Austin!” she said, you raised both of your eyes bows in shock, and both you and Austin looked at each other. “Go ahead” Amy eagerd you too. You looked at Austin again and he bite his lip, does he actually want to kiss me?, you thought to yourself. So you leaned closer to Austin and he did the same.  He licked his lips, then cupped you face lightly “I’ve always wanted to dot this” he whispered, to your surprise which made you blush. Austin’s soft lips, pressed against yours, butterflies erupted in your stomach. The kiss ended soon but you didn’t want it too. As Austin moved he winked at you, which made you blush a little more. After the game was finished and everyone did there dares or truths Austin and you kept exchanging looks, soon later the bell rang to go home. Austin walked with you to the buses “you’re a pretty good kisser” he said “not bad yourself” you answered. Austin held your and walked you away from the crowed behind a tree, out of nowhere your lips met again. “I could really get used to this” you said between your pressed lips. “Me two” he said and winked at you seductively :)

Imagine kissing Austin for the first time O.o

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