he asks you to marry him- part one

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You and Austin were just in a fight, you have sorted things out but things aren’t as how they used to be, the laughter wasn’t there, the happiness wasn’t there, but mostly the trust was hard to gain, since that’s why yours fought in first place. You could see that Austin really regretted what he did, and was sorry. Tonight for dinner, you were making Austin’s favourite dish. For the whole day Austin wasn’t home, you thought out might talk with him, to gain your relationship back. He came through the door as soon as you placed dinner on the table. “(Y/N) I home” he called out to you “come in the kitchen, dinners ready” you answered to him. For the first 10 min dinner was casual, you’s talked about your day. Then he spoke “(Y/N) I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore” he said I a soft tone. You mouth opened in shock.

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