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You were going to a pool party, but sadly Austin couldn’t come, he was sick and had the flu. You didn’t want to go, so that you could look after him, but he convinced you to go. As you were putting on your bikini Austin couldn’t help but admire you. Looking at what dress to wear on to, you felt Austin’s warm arms around your wait. “You look good’ he whispered in the crook of your neck with his deep sexy morning voice. “Austin what’s that?” you said feeling a bulge on your bum. Austin, quickly let go of you and walked to the bed covering his man hood. “aaaaa nothing” he denied, you could totally see that he was turned on. You walked to the bed and hovered on top of austin “is someone a little turned on aye?” you say teasing austin and pecking him on the lips. “You’re so hot in that bikini” he said biting his lip “well when I come back, we might have a little fun later” you said and winked at him “ok don’t be late then” he said smiling then kissing you passionately on the lips.

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