Bath together

You were just starting your career as a well-known model. You loved modelling but it was tiring. You worked long days and changing clothes and posing in 500 different poses and then changing again and posing again wore you down. You were just coming home from a particularly long day with a rude photographer so all you wanted to do was lie down. You got inside, through your bag down on the couch and laid down next to it. “Hello, I’m home!” You called to Austin. “Come upstairs love I have a surprise!!!” Austin shouted down to you from upstairs sounding excited. You groaned and got up, climbing the stairs slowly. “Come to the bathroom babe!” You turned down the hall and headed for the bathroom. You opened the door expecting Austin to be there wanting a little fun, you were ready to explain how tired you were but you didn’t need to. Austin had known how long your day was today so he had made something beautiful when you went out. There were candles everywhere, their small flames flickering making the bathroom look beautiful. The bathtub was filled with hot water and lots of bubbles just like you liked it. Your iPod was set up so you could listen to music, and there was food and drinks next to the tub. Austin was smiling up at you as you took in everything “I thought you might be tired so I figured we could take a bath together and that would be nice and relaxing for you!” You hugged him tightly and then you both undressed. Austin slid into the water first, breaking the stillness. You settled down on top of him, closing your eyes. He wrapped his arms around your stomach and your iPod played relaxing songs in the background. “This is perfect” You whispered.

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