it was the morning after your fight. austin and you were both awake but silent, cuddled up together under the covers, your head on his chest listening to the beat of his heart. "(Y/N) i love you, i'm sorry about yesterday night" austin said with his deep sexy moring voice. "i love you too, im sorry i jumped to conclusions, i was just worried, i know you'll never cheat on me." you said while pulling your self up to face Austin. Then slowly leaning in and pressing your lips against his, and a smilled followed. "i love you too much to want anyone else" austin said. before kissing you back, but this time the kiss was more deeper and it was not a peck. you's were both too distracted by each others lips to realise that your were making out. Austin let out a little moan which brought butterflies to your stomach, it turned you on every time he moaned. "we better stop" you tried to say inbetween both of your pressed lips. "make me" Austin said while pressing his body more against you. He tickled you which made you laugh, he knew you were ticklish. From then It became a cross between a make out/ play fight. You knew instantly that Austin would not want any other girl he was yours forever and you are his forever❤❤👫

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