"Austin lets go!" you call out to him from down the stairs. You chuckled and put on your new orange bikini. You stole a quick glance in the mirror to make sure everything looked right and then you walked down to Ausin. He was always feeling sexual so he just kind of stared at you for a little. "Woah" he said in his deep beautiful voice. You grinned at him and put on your flip flops.Austin had packed a gigantic bag of towels and things so you lugged that out to the car and you were ready. Ausin jumped in the car next to you and as he was driving he kept looking at you in your bikini. You didn’t really mind, you just gave him cheeky grins. "Would you ever consider always wearing that bathing suit around the house?" He asked eyeing you again. "Why wear the bikini? I could just be naked" you said winking at Austin. He laughed and continued driving. All of a sudden you didn’t know where Austin was going. "Austin, you missed the turn off for the pool, it was back there babe." you said figuring he was just lost. "I know" he responded, keeping his eyes on the road. "Where are we going?" You asked curiously. "You shall see my darling" he answered smiling at you. Finally Austin turned off into a little path that went through a small wooded area. He pulled into a gravel driveway that led up to a beautiful pond. It wasn’t huge but definitely big enough to swim in. There were Water Lilies floating around the edges, and tall grass on the banks. Austin jumped out of the car like an excited kid and grabbed the huge bag from the back seat. He started sprinting off to a nice little shaded grassy area. You followed, taking in the beautiful place you were in. Austin had set the bag on the ground and was drawing from it a small picnic basket. He laid the blanket on the ground carefully and set two plates with silverware atop it. Then he withdrew a big platter of chicken, a thing of mashed potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake. "Oh Austin, you didn’t have to do this!" You said when you saw how much trouble he had gone through with this. "I wanted to! Now come over here and eat with me." He said patting the spot on the blanket by your plate. After you were done eating Austin picked you up in his arms and carried you over to the pond. "Don’t you dare!" you said realizing Austin was going to toss you in. Austin just grinned and with one swing he had thrown you  into the water. You glared at him when your head came back up but he was just laughing and jumping in himself. You swam around for a little but the Austin picked you up and held you in his arms, kissing you deeply. He broke off the kiss but you leaned up, wanting another. Eventually it turned into making out and you were clawing at his back. You couldn’t do much more in the water. "When we get home, that bikini is coming off." He whispered naughtily in your ear before releasing you from his arms.

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