he loves everything about you

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“How about my thighs, I don’t have a thigh gap” you said to him

“I don’t care about how big your thighs are, there perfect the way they are now” he said to you, placing his hands near your hips.

“Ok then how about my hair? It’s not long and straight and it fizzes like crazy sometimes” you nagged

“I don’t really care how long your hair is, I like it the way it is, and it suits you” he said running his fingers through your hair.

You were running out of arguments to say and started using weird ones

“My eyes there not blue, you like girls with blue eyes” you said thinking that he can’t top that one off.

You didn’t get it how could Austin love everything about you?

“How about my stomach, it’s not flat and skinny and I don’t have abs” you added, then you moved away and sat on the couch cuddling the cushion. But then Austin came and sat down next to you and wrapped his arms around you, he took his hand and cupped your face, making you face him.

“Remember I fell in love with you, your heart, not your belly or your thighs, and if you don’t like them, I don’t care, because I like them, (Y/N) I love you, and can’t you see that?”

Before you could say a word he enclosed the gab in between by kissing you, even though you hated it every time you wanted to talk he kissed you, or when you were angry he kisses you to shut up, it was still cute.

“I love you too Austin” you say

“Now please love you” he said

“The moral of this imagine is that it’s hard to see that someone loves you, when you don’t love yourself” - stay beautiful, it’s the way you are right now- quote by me :)

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