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You lay the two pregnancy tests down on the counter waiting for the results. You wanted to find out before Austin was home because you didn’t want to worry him over nothing. You set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes and then pretended to do work so you wouldn’t just be staring at them. You just kind of fiddled with the things in your room and adjusted a few books and then sat on your bed and stared into space. Finally the timer went off and you sprinted into the bathroom. You took a deep breath and looked at the test, both were positive. You sank back against the wall, how did you let this happen? You were both so young, you weren’t ready to have a child. What if you weren’t a good mother? What if Austin didn’t want this baby? Tears started to fall down your face, you knew you shouldn’t be sad about this, you should be excited but you couldn’t help but think that you were just not ready. You heard Autsin come through the door but you didn’t bother moving, he would find out somehow anyways. “(Y/N) babe I’m home. Where are you sweetie?” He called up the stairs. Seconds later he was standing in front of you, “Oh my gosh what’s that?!—-(Y/N)…are those pregnancy tests?” He asked looking shocked. You put your face in your hands. Austin glanced at them and could immediately tell the reading. “Your..your pregnant! Why are you crying about this? I know were young but were going to be great parents! We’re having a baby!” You looked up at him relived that he wasn’t upset. He sat down next to you and wiped your tears smiling the whole time. He bent his head down next to your stomach and rubbed it, “Hi little baby, I’m your daddy. I can’t wait to meet you!” You pulled Austin up for a kiss. “Do you really think we can do this Autsin?” You asked. He looked a little taken aback, “Of course we can, and we’re going to do this. Yes we’re a little young and maybe it would have been a little better if we were older but who cares? We’re going to have an awesome baby and we’re going to be amazing parents. I can’t wait.” A little later Austin went out unexpectedly. He came back hours later arms full of baby things. He had all sorts of baby clothes for both a boy and a girl, he had a stroller, a crib, toys, blankets, car seats, stuffed animals, a talking Woody doll, and everything other thing imaginable. “I haven’t even been pregnant for a week yet Austin” you laughed when you saw all the materials he had invested in. “I know but I just think we should be prepared!” 

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