It was 3:54am when you got a call from your boyfriend Austin.

“H-hello, Austin. Why are you calling me so early, are you ok?”

The other line was quiet for a while before you heard someone take a deep breath, then you heard his voice.

“I had a dream…”

He didn’t sounds very happy, he almost sounded like he’d just been crying.

“Austin is everything alright?”

“No… I dreamt that I lost you, you went on this trip to go see an old friend and you two hooked up and when you came back home you dumped me and I was so sad and then I woke up and I was crying and I just wanted to make sure you’re still here”

You smiled a little to yourself.

“Aww Austin you have nothing to worry about honey, I’d never do that to you. I love you, okay?”

You could hear a sigh of relief on the other side of the phone. When he spoke again you could hear him smiling.

“Thanks (Y/N). And sorry if I woke you up, I just felt like I had to talk to you”

“It’s ok, its nothing. And even if you would have you know you can always call me no matter what you want to talk about or what time it is.”

You were sitting in your bed smiling. You thought how lucky you were to have him as your boyfriend.

“Thanks (Y/N) I love you.” He said

“I love you to Austin. You should go back to sleep though.”

He giggled.

“Yeah so should you, night owl.”

And with that you hung up and got in bed. You didn’t realize it until you laid down but you were actually really tired and fell asleep almost immediately.

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