You ran through the dark house, walls closing in on either side. You were cornered and the man with the knife came closer and closer to you, you banged on the door hoping it would open but it was locked. An evil laugh rang out echoing off the walls, there was no where to run and the man was coming closer and closer, the giant knife reflecting the light of the moon. You tried to scream but you couldn't make a noise. You woke up cold sweat trickling down your back, thrashing like crazy, and banging on the sides of your bed. You screamed as soon as your eyes opened and Austin woke with a start. He saw how nervous you were. "Help," you yelled "Open the door he's going to kill me!!!" Austin wrapped you in his arms, "shhh it was just a dream (Y/N) your safe now, nothings going to happen while your with me." He rubbed your back and rocked you back and forth in his arms. You calmed down a little, "it was so scary," you murmured. "I know but I have you , your in your sexy boyfriends arms so you will be fine." He said cheekily. You smiled up at him, he always knew how to make you laugh. You were tired but every time you closed your eyes you got scared again. Austin could tell you were still pretty frightened so he got up and came back with an old night light that was in a closet. You smiled at him, you knew it was childish but having that light there made you feel a little better. Austin climbed back into bed and kissed you passionately, you snuggled up to his firm chest and he wrapped his arms tightly around you, humming you are my sunshine until you fell asleep in his warm embrace. He stayed awake a little longer just to make sure you were ok and then he drifted off too, never letting go of you.


I'm sorry it's short but I hope you liked it anyways. Love ya xx

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